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Follow tried, tested cyber security frameworks

Investments in security technologies are generally only ever made once an event has happened. Far too often, they have not been budgeted for, and are viewed as a grudge purchase, instead of one that

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Why is Cybersecurity Important?

The internet is everywhere, in our PCs, phones, vacuum cleaners, streetlights; you name it. In fact, it helps keep us and many of the things in our modern world running.


On the path to Zero Trust security: Time to get started

No need to belabour the point. We all know that trying to defend the network perimeter is a bit futile in today’s mobile and cloud first world. So, the obvious question –

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By Afrozulla Khan Z – Cyber Investigator at  SRL TRINITNY VISION PVT LTD, Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.  In


Internet-connected devices to display cyber-security resilience labels

The UK Government is consulting on plans to label all internet-connected devices with information about how resilient they are to cyber attacks. The label would tell consumers how secure their


How to protect your privacy in a surveillance state

The Internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone, anywhere. For some governments, this connectivity is seen as a threat. Most countries use some form of electronic tracking to keep

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Learn to curb cyber security threats

RECENTLY, there have been many cyber security concerns involving scams and data breaches. It has become extremely vital to know how to protect your information more securely. This has prompted

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Privacy Is Too Big to Understand

This article is part of a limited-run newsletter. You can sign up here. There’s a passage from a recent book by the journalist David Wallace-Wells about writing on the sprawling topic of climate

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Industrial Security Limited In Scope

A new Kaspersky Report is out today covering the H2 2018, Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems, that almost one in two industrial systems display evidence of attackers attempting malicious activity –


Missed DNS Flag Day? It’s Not Too Late to Upgrade Your Domain Security

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a crucial component for the good functioning of the internet. It’s the system that makes it possible for visitors to find your websites and