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Internet Security: How Widespread Are Bad Development Habits?

An intive study of its customers showed an alarming number of companies aren’t performing even basic measures to improve their internet security.  Installing the latest software, examining security certificates, keeping


Stay Protected: 5 of the Most Important Cybersecurity Training Tips For Your Employees

We highlight the most critical cybersecurity training tips for employees because every business, whether big or small, experiences cyber threats. It is believed that the most sophisticated cyber attacks are the biggest


Cyber Security Today: Fake Office 365 site, don’t trust strangers and warning on college web site software

Fake Office 365 site, don’t trust strangers and warning on college web site software.. Click here to view original webpage at www.itworldcanada.com

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Cybersecurity Risk: What does a ‘reasonable’ posture entail and who says so?

Do you know where your data is? Is it “reasonably well” protected?  With data breaches making daily headlines, and hackers developing innovative methods to penetrate cyber defenses, businesses must contemplate

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Cyber Security vs Cybersecurity, Who cares?

The cyber security industry has been around since back when the internet as we know it was brought to life in 1983 when they switched the TCP/IP on for ARPANET


Cybersecurity as a key challenge in realising India’s digital economy potential: ESET survey

​57% of respondents also indicated spending more than three hours online per day, suggesting a high degree of exposure to cyberthreats. As smartphone adoption grows, consumers still show apathy towards

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Privacy and Data Protection in Multimedia Apps

The mobile application (app) ecosystem has emerged to become one of the biggest global industries. Multimedia apps continue to be the most used form of communication and have not just


Follow tried, tested cyber security frameworks

Investments in security technologies are generally only ever made once an event has happened. Far too often, they have not been budgeted for, and are viewed as a grudge purchase, instead of one that

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Why is Cybersecurity Important?

The internet is everywhere, in our PCs, phones, vacuum cleaners, streetlights; you name it. In fact, it helps keep us and many of the things in our modern world running.


On the path to Zero Trust security: Time to get started

No need to belabour the point. We all know that trying to defend the network perimeter is a bit futile in today’s mobile and cloud first world. So, the obvious question –