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Facebook Increases Security For Political Campaign Staff

Facebook is introducing new security tools for political campaign staff, concerned about dirty tricks in the run-up to the mid-term elections. On his personal Facebook page, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted


Can you hack me now?

How identity-based networking can protect your LTE connections from attack.With well over 200,000 cell towers up and running in the United States (and counting), the question posed by Verizon in

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Why Are Businesses Ignoring Security Threats?

A surveyed compiled at the RSA security conference showcases that lots of businesses are behind with proper security standards. Some company’s are completely ignoring security threats due to lack of


How chords, words and shapes can lead to better passwords

So, what makes a secure password? Ultimately, it boils down to complexity – passwords get more secure as they become more complex.Passwords suck. Plain and simple. They’re a pain to


Why do cybercriminals target vulnerabilities?

It is crucial that businesses – as well as their development teams – understand the potential cost of the dormant vulnerabilities in their IT environment.We all know many enterprises are

Industry Insights

The 3 Most Powerful Types of Threat Information Sharing – and How to Stay Compliant

 When it comes to IT security, the unknowns impose the greatest threat. Luckily, many types of threats are very much on the cybersecurity radar. Institutions and organizations who pay attention


Password inadequacy remains a top threat

New research from the WatchGuard Threat Lab revealed that 50 percent of government and military employee LinkedIn passwords were weak enough to be cracked in less than two days. This


A guide to cyber attacks: Phishing – Part 2

Information Age’s guide to cyber attacks continues with an examination of types of phishing attacksPhishing typically involves attackers obtaining a victim’s personal information. This can include log-in details and bank


A guide to cyber attacks: Malware – Part 1

As part of a three part guide on cyber attacks, we begin by exploring existing types of malware.Malware, short for malicious software, refers to any malicious coding that can infiltrate


5 tips for better cloud security

There’s no doubt that widespread adoption of the cloud has enabled collaboration on a much greater scale, driving innovation and creativity. Distributed workforces can work harmoniously, IT departments can offload