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Identity Theft

GDPR and cyber-risk insurance: how can insurers improve their cyber-risk products

Just shy of GDPR’s two-year anniversary, businesses, from large multinationals to the corner store, must consider data protection in their operations. Faced with new requirements, such as data security, prudent

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Chubb Cyber Insurer Allegedly Hit By Maze Ransomware Attack

Cyber insurer giant Chubb is allegedly the latest ransomware victim according to the operators of the Maze Ransomware who claim to have encrypted the company in March 2020. Click here


What is Two-Factor Authentication? The Tip of the Security Spear

The average American is inundated with passwords. Requirements for new passwords, login failure notifications when they forget their password, and in some unfortunate cases, alerts that their information has been

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Makes Big Data Smarter

The artificial intelligence (AI) road from unlimited (yet largely nonspecific) potential to concrete, specific business benefits, is like taking a long road trip with kids — palpable excitement alternated with

Industry Insights

Should Facial Recognition be Used to Identify Individuals with Coronavirus?

Facial recognition companies are seeing opportunity in their services with the Coronavirus in identifying individuals without the risk of close contact, according to OneZero. DERMALOG, a biometrics company that makes fingerprint, iris, and facial

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9 Vulnerability Management Pitfalls To Avoid

Vulnerability management (VM) can seem unmanageable at times. But the key to successful VM is working smarter rather than harder. If you approach VM intelligently and prioritize appropriately, you can


Why Automation Holds the Key to Security Governance and a Culture of Collaboration

A typical FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 company has a vast and complex set of cybersecurity defenses in place; managed by multiple security operations teams spread across different business units

Software Security

The good and bad uses of AI

Providing the very best customer experience continues to be a top priority for nearly every single business. Businesses are keen to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies thanks to their promise

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A First-Class Feature: Security in the Era of Worker Data

A company is responsible for protecting its data, just like any other asset, but unlike a typical business asset, data comes with a range of dire consequences if its safety

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Privacy regulators and the challenge of enforcement

Privacy regulators are in a very tricky position when it comes to enforcement, according to Tim Hickman, partner at White & Case LLP. Two years on from GDPR, privacy regulators are