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Evolving Cloud-Native Applications Require New Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-native applications to gain speed, flexibility and scalability. But this new technology radically changes the way software operates and interacts, which also changes the ways


Data Security: One type is not like the other, or is it?

Protecting corporate and customer data on all devices must be a top priority for businesses.Security threats to the enterprise today are pervasive. This is evidenced by the increasing prevalence and

IT Compliance

Trend Micro: GDPR Chiefs Need to Clarify “State of the Art”

Trend Micro has called on regulatory bodies to provide greater clarity on a key part of the EU GDPR, after a new survey highlighted confusion among global organizations on what

IT Compliance

Putting your head in the cloud to become GDPR compliant

GDPR is coming and is set to have a huge impact on UK businesses. From high-tech to agriculture, every modern business has huge volumes of data that will have to

Industry Insights

Security, privacy issues we need to solve before non-medical implants become pervasive

The cybernetic revolution is happening, and it’s imperative that civil liberties and privacy issues are addressed by system designers, innovators, regulators, and legislators, says James Scott, a Senior Fellow at

Identity Theft

Paradise Papers Breach is Hell for Offshore Rich and Famous

Media organizations across the globe went into overdrive on Sunday publishing the first in several instalments from a trove of breached secret documents listing dubious financial offshore dealings of the

Industry Insights

UK Orgs: Almost One in Five Unprepared for Cyber-Attack

Almost one in five (18%) UK businesses are unprepared for a cyber-attack, with that figure rising to 23% of public sector organizations, according to new findings from Advanced.The firm’s Advanced Trends Report

Network Security

Deep Web And Your Security Issue

By Mumazzad Ahmed, What Is Deep Web? Deep web is a term that we meet often in our life. But we don’t know much about it. Ok let’s see What

BYOD/Big Data

The evolution of BYOD security in a mobile-first world

Bitglass’ research team surveyed 200 IT and security professionals at a national Gartner conference to learn more about the evolution of BYOD security in a mobile-first world. Click Here To

Identity Theft

What to Do When Your Personal Data Was Breached?

By Reymart Jan Sarigumba from iPrice Group In this day and age, consumer data breaches have become a new normal, affecting millions of consumers all across the globe. The biggest