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Identity Theft

Data-Centric Security: Protecting What Really Matters

When it comes to data breaches, the question is not if, or even when, your organization’s sensitive information will be stolen; but how often it is happening today? No matter


aIR-Jumper – A malware exfiltrates data via security cameras and infrared

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University developed a PoC malware dubbed aIR-Jumper that uses security cameras with Infrared capabilities to exfiltrate data.The team of researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the


Health & fitness industry: Time to take action on data security risks | ITProPortal

Given the volume and extent of personal and financial information routinely collected by leisure operators, our industry is not only a soft target but a particularly vulnerable one.There is now

Industry Insights

Key elements of a secure, sensitive information sharing strategy – Help Net Security

It’s been said, data is like the new oil. What does this mean exactly? Like oil, data is a commodity. But unlike oil, the value of data isn’t susceptible to


Best practices for staying safe in the expanding cloud – Information Management

The cloud is growing. There were 1,427 cloud services in use at organizations in 2016, an increase of 23.7 percent from 2015. Approximately 18 percent of the data that goes

BYOD/Big Data

Employees represent the ‘biggest data security risk’

IT professionals believe that compliance and regulation, and the unpredictable behaviour of employees will have the biggest impact on data security according to a new Concensus survey commissioned by independent


Cloud Security Is Not an Either/Or

Now that cloud has become pervasive, organizations and individuals everywhere need to think about cloud security. To say that data is either fully secure or vulnerable in the cloud would

Vendor News

Tozny Launches End-To-End Data Security Encryption Toolkit For Developers

PORTLAND, Ore.– Tozny, which has built a secure, privacy-preserving and password-free mobile authentication system, today announced the launch of InnoVault, an easy-to-use toolkit allowing developers to embed end-to-end data security encryption capabilities


Businesses overconfident about keeping attackers at bay – Help Net Security

Despite the increasing number of data breaches and nearly 1.4 billion data records being lost or stolen in 2016, the vast majority of IT professionals still believe perimeter security is effective at

IT Compliance

GDPR: 12 steps businesses can use to prepare right now – Help Net Security

In this podcast, Darron Gibbard, Chief Technical Security Officer, EMEA, Qualys, talks about preparing for the GDPR and provides a good basis to start your program and understand what departments you