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6 Growth Hacking Tactics Every IT Security Company Must Exploit

There are plenty of lead generation strategies out there, but the most important part of all of this is creating a strategy that will take advantage of multiple channels of


93% of Orgs Worry About Cloud Security

Two reports published independently of each other found that the majority of organizations are moderately to extremely concerned about the state of cloud security. In Guardians of the Cloud, the 2019


As cyber attacks increase, the cloud-based database security market grows

The cloud-based database security market is expected to register a CAGR of 19.5% over the forecast period 2019-2024, according to ResearchAndMarkets. With the increasing adoption of Big Data platforms and

Expert Articles

What Do Your Map Apps Know About You?

By Amanda Tallent – Content Creator at The Zebra, Our willingness to embrace modern technology is often met with a trade off in terms of privacy and security. The simple


Hacked Hair Straightener Could Set a Fire

Security researchers have hacked hair straighteners from Glamoriser, according to Pen Test Partners. The UK firm bills itself as the maker of the “world’s first Bluetooth hair straighteners,” devices that users can link to


Prioritizing security efforts is key to data security in the cloud

32% of healthcare organizations store a wide range of sensitive data in the cloud, including healthcare data and personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and employees, according to Netwrix. In addition,


Digital Transformation and IT – Customer Clarity, but IT Blindness

Sometimes it is difficult to see everything that affects us. Getting philosophical for a moment, you cannot see what you do not know about, like color blindness affecting the ability


What’s Driving the Need for Automated Security?

In 2011, Marc Andreessen said “Software is Eating the World.”  In 2017, Forbes declared the start of the “API Economy”.  In 2020, we will see “Data Dominance” where the companies

Industry Insights

What’s the hype vs. reality in cybersecurity during 2019?

RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, has unveiled expert insights into salient issues around emerging threats and security technologies. Ahead of RSAC 2019 APJ, which begins


To benefit from DevOps implementation, security and dev teams must communicate better

Despite the enterprise benefits assured by adopting a DevOps culture, the majority of IT leaders believe communication between IT security and software development must improve greatly to achieve success, a Trend