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Why the CISO’s Voice Must be Heard Beyond the IT Department

In a recent company board strategy meeting the CFO presented the financial forecast and outcome and made some interesting comments about fiscal risks and opportunities on the horizon. The COO

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#2018InReview Security Culture

Companies understand that organizational culture is an important differentiator to set their company apart from the competition. However, joining the dots between culture and information security management has taken some

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Getting cybersecurity to the top of the boardroom agenda

CEOs, Boards of Directors and Trustees are now realising how fatal cybersecurity failures can really be.The IT industry has undoubtedly shone a bright light on the role of the Chief

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Collaboration and Information Sharing Should Also Happen Internally

We often discuss the importance of external collaboration and information sharing in security. Frequently overlooked, however, is the importance of also collaborating and sharing information internally among the various teams and functions


What To Do If Your Phone Is Stolen?

Whether you like it or not, such a mishap may come true someday. I can imagine your anger and despair if it happens, given that a phone isn’t merely a dumb calling


The Only Counter Strategy Against Data Loss: Reliable Backup Methodology

By Julia Sowells Senior Information Security Specialist at Hacker Combat, In the turn of the century 18 years ago, people have embraced Web 2.0, a new dynamic web replacing the static

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The Importance of “S” in “CISO”

A Chief Information Security Officer is the brigadier general of the security force of an organization. While the c-suite normally looks at the financial and overall management of an organization,

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Online Shopping Safety Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and the rush to purchase gifts online is well under way. While retailers scramble to create eye-catching promotions, deep in the underground, the


Phishers Up Their Game to Combat User Awareness

In an attempt to undermine the security industry’s effort to educate end users about phishing campaigns, malicious actors are evolving in their tactics, according to Zscaler.In a recent blog published by Zscaler

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Let’s Not Run Before We Can Walk: Security As The First Step For Digitised Healthcare

The acceleration of electronic personal health information (ePHI), coupled with an increase in healthcare technology – from cloud-based applications to IoT-enabled devices to telemedicine – has paved the way for