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Using Cyber Security As A Competitive Advantage

Do you always wonder why your information technology person drones on and on about cybersecurity while you’re just hoping they don’t notice your eyes starting to glaze over? Click here

Industry Insights

The Standard Cybersecurity Model Is Fundamentally Broken

Every year companies around the world invest hundreds of billions of dollars in cybersecurity products, services, and training—yet malware compromise and massive data breaches are still a regular occurrence. Click


Security by Sector: Two in Five Real Estate Pros Say Industry is Unprepared for Cyber-Attacks

The subject of how information security impacts different industry sectors is an intriguing one. For example, how does the finance industry fare in terms of information security compared to the

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Inside Cybersecurity: The Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

A while back Phalguni Miraj, a high school sophomore in New Jersey, was working on a school assignment in Google Drive. When he logged in, he was redirected to random

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38% of the Fortune 500 do not have a CISO

To uncover whether the world’s leading companies are committed to enhancing their cybersecurity initiatives, Bitglass researched the members of the 2019 Fortune 500 and analyzed public-facing information such as what is available

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New cyber-security masterplan launched to protect critical sectors

SINGAPORE – A masterplan has been unveiled to protect operational technology (OT) systems from cyber attacks that can cripple Singapore’s water supply, transport and other critical sectors. The OT Cybersecurity


How to start achieving visibility in the cloud

As a security executive, you have a curious gig. On one hand, you’re responsible for securing your organization across multiple systems, networks, clouds, and geographies. On the other, your team


How can we thwart email-based social engineering attacks?

More than 99 percent of cyberattacks rely on human interaction to work, Proofpoint recently shared. More often than not, the principal attack method is phishing emails. Click here to view


Year-over-year malware volume increased by 64%

The most common domains attackers use to host malware and launch phishing attacks include several subdomains of legitimate sites and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as CloudFlare.net, CloudFront.net (which belongs to Amazon),

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity Firm Tops List of Highest-Paying Companies

New research has shown that cybercrime really does pay, but not for the people you’d expect.  A study conducted by a company review site to find out which firms are