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Identity Theft

Privacy of 28 million Canadians breached in past year

More than 28 million Canadians’ privacy has been affected by 680 reported breaches in the past year – six times the previous year’s volume – Canada’s privacy chief says. That

Vendor News

CloudVector’s API Threat Protection platform monitors and secures APIs to prevent data breaches

CloudVector, the first API Threat Protection platform to go beyond the gateway, announced the launch of its namesake solution, which discovers, monitors and secures APIs to prevent data breaches. Click

Industry Insights

Enterprise cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region

Almost one in five business organizations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region experienced more than six security breaches in the past two years, a new ESET enterprise cybersecurity survey has revealed.

Industry Insights

Your supplier’s BEC problem is your BEC problem

Business email compromise (BEC) scams are a burgeoning threat for organizations and, despite rising awareness, new victims are cropping up daily. BEC scammers don’t care what business the potential targets


The password reuse problem is a ticking time bomb

Despite Bill Gates predicting the demise of passwords back in 2004, they are still very much in use. Passwords, like email, seem future proof; but they are also the source

Artificial Intelligence

Four steps to succeeding in AI’s “golden age”

Jeff Bezos has hailed this era as the “golden age of AI”. However, a quarter of companies are still reporting a 50 per cent failure rate for AI projects, pointing

Identity Theft

How we can make Americans safer online

Since the first National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 15 years ago, the world has gone from about 800 million internet users to approximately 4.5 billion users. Over that same period of time, a lot of


Believe the hype, but control the threat: Reducing the risk of ransomware

Ransomware is becoming an epidemic for any collection or repository of data. Each day the attacks seem to be getting larger and more lucrative for cybercriminals. According to Europol’s annual report,

Vendor News

Google Confirms Play Store Security Threat: Here’s The Fix—But Does It Make You Safer?

Google’s Play Store is not the safe environment it should be. Anyone with even a passing interest in mobile device security will have seen countless stories disclosing the scale of