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Fileless Malware Prompts Evolution of Endpoint Defenses

Conventional network endpoint defense used to rely largely on the basic fact that computers primarily used files to communicate. Files were not only transmitted to and from other systems, but

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We’re Still Not Ready for GDPR? What is Wrong With Us?

The canary in the coalmine died 12 years ago, the law went into effect 19 months ago, but many organizations still won’t be ready for the new privacy regulations when

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Only a fifth of UK large businesses are ready for GDPR

Survey reveals many big companies are nowhere near ready for the May 25th deadline.Less than a fifth of large UK and multi-national organisations say that they are highly confident they’ll


The Evolution Of The Password: How To Protect Your Business Against Modern Security Threats

Earlier this year, thieves exploited a weakness in SS7, a telephony routing protocol, to steal passwords to online bank accounts in Germany. The attackers were able to access two-factor authenticated


Evolving Cloud-Native Applications Require New Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-native applications to gain speed, flexibility and scalability. But this new technology radically changes the way software operates and interacts, which also changes the ways


Data Security: One type is not like the other, or is it?

Protecting corporate and customer data on all devices must be a top priority for businesses.Security threats to the enterprise today are pervasive. This is evidenced by the increasing prevalence and

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Mobile devices present a significant risk for GDPR noncompliance

Accessing data from mobile devices presents a significant risk for GDPR noncompliance, according to Lookout. 84 percent of U.S. security and IT executives agree that personal data accessed on employees’

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GDPR – managing your data has just become more important

Implementing good data strategies now will result in improved data quality for businesses, and also their customers. Data of any kind is one of the most important assets any organisation

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The Cybersecurity Landscape Is Changing Constantly Due To IoT Amongst Other Factors

We all know that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Amid a backdrop of constantly evolving technology, attack methods and tools with which to protect our data, the situation has


Pen Testing & Scanning for Vulnerabilities: Differences & Methodologies

The rate of hacking attacks is rising every year, and at the same time the actual number of individual businesses being attacked is going up. The question of how to