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GDPR and cyber-risk insurance: how can insurers improve their cyber-risk products

Just shy of GDPR’s two-year anniversary, businesses, from large multinationals to the corner store, must consider data protection in their operations. Faced with new requirements, such as data security, prudent

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Personal data protection today: We should demand more

The growing number of cybersecurity incidents reported each year – and the fact that many attacks remain unreported for security and PR reasons – can leave even the most experienced security professionals

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Taking Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Next Level with an SDP Client and Smart Endpoints

By Don Boxely, CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, Trepidations regarding data protection, privacy and security data protection/privacy—especially disaster recovery (DR)—are driving many organizations to pursue cybersecurity in the cloud.

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9 Vulnerability Management Pitfalls To Avoid

Vulnerability management (VM) can seem unmanageable at times. But the key to successful VM is working smarter rather than harder. If you approach VM intelligently and prioritize appropriately, you can

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats to Enterprises in 2020

Businesses are facing unique threats both externally and internally, and modern cybersecurity must meet the challenge.Cybersecurity is arguably the biggest challenge facing IT departments today. Click here to view original

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Privacy regulators and the challenge of enforcement

Privacy regulators are in a very tricky position when it comes to enforcement, according to Tim Hickman, partner at White & Case LLP. Two years on from GDPR, privacy regulators are

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Data protection in 2020 – six key predictions

Globalisation of privacy, employment rights, industry spotlights, ethical data handling and the future of DPOS. According to Forensics Research, the Global GDPR Services Market is expected to reach $3.3 billion

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Data protection – your business’ reputation is at stake unless you take action

Barely a week goes by without a firm needing to apologise for sharing customer information or for calling customers by the wrong name. Apparently, there is even a Data Protection

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5 considerations for building a zero trust IT environment

Zero trust isn’t a product or service, and it’s certainly not just a buzzword. Rather, it’s a particular approach to cybersecurity. It means exactly what it says – not “verify, then

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Data breach report shows Australian businesses ‘not learning from abroad’

The latest data breach report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner shows that Australian businesses have learnt nothing from the devastating impacts of breaches in other countries, a