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Phishing remains major threat to businesses

Businesses are still facing a large-scale threat from phishing campaigns, despite many saying they have upped email security in recent months. New research from Cofense has found that a huge proportion of

Identity Theft

Staff buy-in critical for effective corporate cyber security

In 2018, 26% of young adults committed suicide globally as a result of cyber bullying, and 945 data breaches led to 45 billion records being compromised in the ongoing cyber


The Value of Predictive Email Security

Predictive technology is the use of machine learning to calculate with confidence a future event, thereby empowering organizations to proactively prepare for trending email phishing attacks. In fact, threat prediction


Despite warnings, most people still don’t change their passwords

64% of people use the same password for some, or even all, of their online accounts, while only 21% use a different password for each account. These startling findings come from a


7 Website Security Essentials for eCommerce Retailers

The internet offers ample opportunity to make money online, regardless of whether you’re selling physical goods or services. But setting up a profitable e-commerce business can be a complicated endeavor.


Social Engineering Slams the C-Suite: Verizon DBIR

Criminals are also going after cloud-based email accounts, according to Verizon’s ‘2019 Data Breach Investigations Report.’Senior executives are prime targets for social-engineering attacks as cybercriminals continue to seek greater financial


Why Prediction, And Not Detection, Is The Key To Reducing Email Risk

According to the Global Risk Report by the World Economic Forum, the threat of cyberattacks are now among the top three global fears identified by world economic leaders, along with natural

Industry Insights

How Improving Your Cyber Security Posture Benefits Your Bottom Line

Your security posture and company’s profitability are more closely linked than you may realize Admit it: Growing and protecting your company’s bottom line is a top priority. While many business

Industry Insights

A casual approach to workplace communications presents major security risks

Workers are comfortable sharing personal, sensitive and confidential information over chat platforms. They practice risky digital habits, and don’t care if their communications are leaked. Symphony Communication Services Workplace Confidential Survey, which


Which employees receive the most highly targeted email-borne threats?

Workers in R&D/Engineering are the most heavily targeted group of employees within organizations, a new Proofpoint report says, and lower-level employees are at a higher risk of email-borne cyber threats