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Compliance Is Not Security: Why You Need Cybersecurity Chops In The Boardroom

Cybersecurity is now a topic of discussion in every boardroom. A diligent director takes this risk, and their fiduciary duty around it, seriously. But the risk is complex and technical,


Stay Protected: 5 of the Most Important Cybersecurity Training Tips For Your Employees

We highlight the most critical cybersecurity training tips for employees because every business, whether big or small, experiences cyber threats. It is believed that the most sophisticated cyber attacks are the biggest


Phishing is a billion-dollar global industry, consumers are the main target

Phishing is a growing pain point for individuals, businesses and CSPs, according to Allot. Consumers are the main target of these attacks, and they are calling for better security for


What can financial institutions do to improve email security?

Financial institutions are in a fully-fledged war against data breaches. And rightly so – the finance sector is a frequent target of ransomware, phishing, and other malicious attacks. Sensitive communications


Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols

As many as 87% of 280 decision makers have predicted email threats to increase in the coming year, according to a survey by Barracuda Networks.  According to its blog post, many


Threat actors are doing their homework, researchers identify new impersonation techniques

There is an increase in three main areas: spoofed phishing attempts, HTTPS encryption in URL-based attacks, and cloud-based attacks focused on publicly hosted, trusted file-sharing services, FireEye found, after analyzing

Industry Insights

Drafting an Appropriate Cybersecurity Policy

Cyber threats, cyberattacks, and hacks are getting more and more common so companies are forced to invest in cybersecurity systems. Even though your business may have an excellent cybersecurity plan,

Industry Insights

Cyber security news round up

June’s cyber security news round up features NHS Highland apologiing following reports the email addresses of almost 40 people who have HIV were made public by mistake. Elsewhere a report


Phishing remains major threat to businesses

Businesses are still facing a large-scale threat from phishing campaigns, despite many saying they have upped email security in recent months. New research from Cofense has found that a huge proportion of

Identity Theft

Staff buy-in critical for effective corporate cyber security

In 2018, 26% of young adults committed suicide globally as a result of cyber bullying, and 945 data breaches led to 45 billion records being compromised in the ongoing cyber