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Artificial Intelligence

Using Biometrics, Intelligent Security To Keep Finances Safe

Fort Knox is no longer the gold standard when it comes to financial security. And with passwords becoming increasingly passé (not to mention an absolute nuisance), a new wave of

Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security

There is currently a big debate raging about whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a good or bad thing in terms of its impact on human life. With more and more

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Is Improving Threat Protection

Successful cybersecurity attacks can be so severe that they shut down business operations, erode the public’s trust in an organization and require substantial financial resources to go toward recovering. So,


Powerfully personal: the role of fingerprint biometric technology in the digital identity security crisis

Our digital identity is changing the face of personal identity as we know it and leaving consumers vulnerable.As our lives become increasingly digitised, our online footprints are changing significantly. Most


The rise of biometrics and passwordless security

Whether you realize it or not, our current era of mobile and cloud computing can be defined, both positively and negatively, by shared secrets. Shared secrets — passwords, authentication, and

Artificial Intelligence

Avoiding a biometric dystopia

In part one of our two-part series, we explored how biometric authentication methods are being defeated. In the second part, we’ll explore how manipulating biometrics can alter society, and what can be


The role of size when it comes to the security and usability of the biometric fingerprint sensor

A lack of knowledge about fingerprint sensor size is threatening to undermine the biometric revolution.There is no denying the fingerprint biometric payment smart card is reaching its inflection point. In


The Size Of The Fingerprint Biometric Sensor: Why Bigger Is Better

Biometric fingerprint technology is no longer a novelty. In fact, today’s banks and card issuers are looking to integrate fingerprint biometric technology into every day payment cards to provide customers


Farewell To Text Password

We are witnessing a critical turning point in the history of identity assurance – transition from the time-honored seals, autographs and textual passwords towards Expanded Password System. The worst part


A simple and secure biometric login for Android 7.0+

FIDO Alliance announced that Android is now FIDO2 Certified, bringing simpler, stronger authentication capabilities to over a billion devices that use this platform every day. With this news, any compatible device