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The perimeter is vanishing, how will you secure your network?

There’s a new reality to network security, driven by the fact that the perimeter is vanishing. The concept of a network being fully enclosed within a building or virtual organization,

Artificial Intelligence

Automation will improve security function, according to survey

Security professionals reveal the reasons and concerns behind the adoption of automation and AI as security tools — the 2019 Ponemon Institute and DomainTools survey. Instead of replacing jobs, adopting

Artificial Intelligence

Get Ready for the First Wave of AI Malware

While viruses and malware have stubbornly stayed as a top-10 “things I lose sleep over as a CISO,” the overall threat has been steadily declining for a decade. Unfortunately, WannaCry,

Artificial Intelligence

Five ways AI can lead the fight against financial crime

More than £100 billion is laundered in the UK each year. How can we stop it? AI. The scale of financial crime in the UK is in urgent need of

Artificial Intelligence

AI: the snake oil of the 21st century

Howard Williams from UK-based software house Parker Software, explores the state of AI snake oil in businesses. How much of artificial intelligence as we know it is pure quackery?Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence spot spam quicker than humans?

Artificial intelligence can indeed spot spam quicker than humans, but there are limits, says Jan Oetjen from United Internet AG. More than 40 years ago in 1978, a computer vendor

Artificial Intelligence

AI and data security: a help or a hindrance?

What is AI’s role in data security and whose side is it on? Thanks to AI’s ability to automate businesses’ threat prevention, detection and response, it has a significant role

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations investing in security analytics and machine learning to tackle cyberthreats

IT security’s greatest inhibitor to success is contending with too much security data. To address this challenge, 47 percent of IT security professionals acknowledged their organization’s intent to acquire advanced security

Artificial Intelligence

Big tech poised to beat healthcare in reaping value from artificial intelligence, report says

Artificial intelligence will expose inefficiencies, improve medical decision-making and increase the quality of care, according to a new report from Boston Consulting Group. But the report also warned that companies


Hacker AI vs. Enterprise AI: A New Threat

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being weaponized using the same logic and functionality that legitimate organizations use.The adversarial use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in malicious