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Cyber Security Today: Watch out for fake news, human errors and why collect so much data?

Report identifies source of  Middle East fake news, how big is human error and why collect so much data? Welcome to Cyber Security Today. It’s Wednesday May 15th. I’m Howard

Industry Insights

Cyber Security: A Matter of Good Corporate Governance, Good Ethics, and Quite Simply – Good Business

Key factors for boards and executive management to consider in 2019 around cyber security and privacy. Cyber security has risen as a key issue on the radar of virtually all

Industry Insights

Why It’s Time To Rethink Cyber Security At The Organisational Level

In the current era, where everything is getting connected, right from your mobile phones speaking to your smart televisions or an air conditioner, a sensor monitoring your health and fitness

IT Compliance

50 shades of privacy: Consent and the fallacy that will prevent privacy for all

“Consent, in its purest form, could easily become a dystopian stick to control citizens with,” Susan Morrow, doesn’t pull her punches as she argues that GDPR hasn’t resolved the conflict

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Is curiosity killing patient privacy?

The digitization of healthcare is changing the face of fraud. With the growth of electronic health records (EHRs), online patient portals and virtual clinics, a wealth of sensitive medical information

Artificial Intelligence

How Edge AI Could Solve The Problem Of Personalized Ads In An Encrypted World

One of the greatest challenges confronting social media companies as they push towards their “privacy first” visions of our digital futures is how to maintain their surveillance empires as our


Cybercriminals targeting social media: Facebook and Instagram are becoming phishers’ favorites

Social media phishing, primarily Facebook and Instagram, saw the highest quarter- over-quarter growth of any industry with a 74.7 percent increase, according to the Vade Secure Phishers’ Favorites report for

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Consumers care deeply about their privacy, security, and how their personal information is handled

65% of consumers are concerned with the way connected devices collect data. More than half (55%) do not trust their connected devices to protect their privacy and a similar proportion (53%)

Industry Insights

How much does the average employee know about data privacy?

With the impacts and repercussions of the looming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on the minds of many privacy professionals, new research from MediaPRO shows more work is needed to


Most adults are concerned about malware and phishing on social media

More than eighty percent of adults believe that they’re at risk when it comes to security on social media. Most American adults are using at least one social media platform daily, and