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Taking Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Next Level with an SDP Client and Smart Endpoints

By Don Boxely, CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, Trepidations regarding data protection, privacy and security data protection/privacy—especially disaster recovery (DR)—are driving many organizations to pursue cybersecurity in the cloud.


Cloud Security Risks Will Be a Top Concern for Organizations in 2020

“The Cloud” enters its third decade in 2020 and is now almost universally adopted by most organizations. But boards and senior management are becoming increasingly concerned by the security risks

Identity Theft

Don’t Just Rely On Data Privacy Laws to Protect Information

Data privacy laws are evolving to allow individuals the opportunity to understand the types of data that companies are collecting about them and to provide ways to access or delete


The Growing Importance of Cyber Security

Data is the most valuable resource a financial technology (fintech) company holds, as evidenced by the thick stack of regulations that dictate its protection. But many mortgage tech startups don’t

IT Compliance

Is the CCPA the Beginning of a Move to Supra-National Legislation?

Over the past two years, data privacy has become one of the world’s most widely regulated and closely followed areas of the law. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) appeared

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What the government infosec landscape will look this year

The information security landscape seems to evolve at a faster clip each year. The deluge of ever-changing threats, attack techniques and new breaches making headlines can be challenging to track

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Privacy ROI: Benefits from data privacy averaging 2.7 times the investment

Customer demands for increased data protection and privacy, the ongoing threat of data breaches and misuse by both unauthorized and authorized users, and preparation for the GDPR and similar laws around the

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Here are the 7 largest data breaches in history

Hackers have exposed hundreds of millions of records from Facebook, Microsoft and other tech giants. Here are the biggest privacy disasters of the last decade. Click here to view original


Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Any experienced business leader knows this. They need to be prepared for the unexpected. But only some businesses take the time and devote the resources necessary to address a business


Cybersecurity 2020: Welcome to the Digital Cold War

In the year ahead, organizations must prepare for the unknown. They can do so by ensuring they have the flexibility to endure unexpected and high-impact cybersecurity events. Click here to