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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning fundamentals: What cybersecurity professionals need to know

In this Help Net Security podcast, Chris Morales, Head of Security Analytics at Vectra, talks about machine learning fundamentals, and illustrates what cybersecurity professionals should know. Here’s a transcript of the


Speak Up Malware Targets Linux, Mac in New Campaign

Linux servers are the target of a new crypto-mining campaign in which a malware dubbed “Speak Up” implants a backdoor Trojan by exploiting known vulnerabilities in six different Linux distributions, according

Artificial Intelligence

Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

Two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack that led to a system failure. The hospitals could not process any emergency patient requests. Hence,


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your IoT Security Strategy

A new year has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to make all kinds of transformations to help your business. No matter how you navigated the dangerous threat landscape

Industry Insights

Five Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

2018 was another year of change in the cybersecurity industry. I’ve had some interesting conversations with customers, partners, providers and analysts over the past twelve months, and I’m excited about

IT Compliance

National Data Privacy Day Is Wishful Thinking

You have to have a supreme sense of irony, or be in major denial, to call Monday, Jan. 28, Data Privacy Day. Given the current state of big data collection


Machine learning trumps AI for security analysts

While machine learning is one of the biggest buzzwords in cybersecurity and the tech industry in general, the phrase itself is often overused and mis-applied, leaving many to have their own, incorrect

Artificial Intelligence

2019: The year Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning become critical to better retail decision-making

JoAnn Martin, VP Retail Strategy at JDA discusses how 2019 will be the year that AI and machine learning transforms outcomes for retailersToo often today, retail stores are caught between

Industry Insights

What is the Evolving Role of Ethical Hackers in the New Age of Cybersecurity?

My colleague, Ryan Kh of Smart Data Collective has published a number of articles on the role of machine learning in cybersecurity. While he has emphasized the benefits of Big Data in protecting against

Industry Insights

Guest Editor: A Passion for Cybersecurity

I believe that cybersecurity is one of those careers that engenders real job satisfaction and passion amongst those working in the industry. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself