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7 trends driving enterprise IT transformation in 2019

Enabling the business outcome in a ‘Real-Time’ enterprise environment is the next challenge for global brands and government agencies in 2019. Tech companies will need to drive hard to continually


A deep look into artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science

This question and its answer are hotly debated. In many minds, the idea of artificial intelligence surrounds a free-thinking, aware computer system — that is a long way off, apparently.In the


Artificial intelligence networks and the future of deep learning

Artificial intelligence has a bias problem and it’s completely our fault. Last week, Amazon decided to ditch the secret AI tool it was using to source new recruits when it


How automated machine learning is helping to bridge the AI skills gap

In 2017, over half of senior artificial intelligence (AI) professionals stated that a lack of qualified personnel in their field is the single biggest barrier to AI implementation across businesses.


In Praise Of The Hackers

Buried treasure is not just the stuff of fiction and legend. For at least some of our ancestors, it was quite simply the most effective means of protecting prized possessions


Reducing Analyst Fatigue with Machine Learning

Security analysts must ensure that incidents are managed effectively with the least amount of impact on business operations or users. Without the right tools, security event and alert management can


Splunk boosts business security offerings through the power of AI

Splunk ups security protection with range of new smarter services.Splunk has revealed a major upgrade to its security protection as it looks to provide peace of mind for customers all


Majority of Orgs Failing to Make Machine Learning Fair, Safe & Balanced

New research from O’Reilly Media has revealed that almost nine out of 10 (86%) businesses are deploying machine learning technologies without considering important questions regarding data quality, consumer privacy and the quality


Employing machine learning in a security environment

Machine learning can aid security teams by enhancing their ability to detect and remove potential threats.No matter where you look in the security world today, you’ll see the terms machine


Better security needed to harness the positive potential of AI, mitigate risks of attacks

Despite heightened interest in enterprise deployment of artificial intelligence, only 40 percent of respondents to ISACA’s second annual Digital Transformation Barometer express confidence that their organizations can accurately assess the security