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Is Shadow IT Really the Perilous Threat It’s Made Out to Be?

While most managers likely believe that their adoption of cloud and SaaS tools are instrumental to their success, IT heads seem to want to rein in that enthusiasm. Many are

Industry Insights

Fitting cybersecurity frameworks into your security strategy

Whatever an organization’s culture, effective use of a security framework requires understanding business goals and program metrics, and demands leadership communication. The development of new cybersecurity frameworks has increased dramatically

IT Compliance

Authentication in the Age of GDPR

It’s been over a year since the enforcement of the long-planned General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began, marking the start of a new regulatory era for data management. GDPR impacts

IT Compliance

The Three Hidden Dangers of Working With Third-Party Vendors

While vendors allow organizations to efficiently outsource tasks, they can also increase the risk of breaches. A recent study found more than 60% of US organizations have faced a data

Identity Theft

Inside Incident Response: 6 Key Tips to Keep in Mind

Experts share the prime window for detecting intruders, when to contact law enforcement, and what they wish they did differently after a breach. Most data breaches we see in the

Identity Theft

SMBs could be the key to cracking data breaches

With SMBs making up almost all private businesses in the country, it is essential they step up their security game. If we want to reduce the number of successful cyberattacks that target

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One in three organizations suffered data breaches due to mobile devices

New Verizon report shows a big gap between organizations’ mobile security risk concerns and mobile security best practices they implement. The number of security incidents involving mobile devices has increased

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Accidental data breaches are often compounded by a failure to encrypt

83 percent of security professionals believe that employees have accidentally exposed customer or business sensitive data at their organization. Accidental data breaches are often compounded by an organizational failure to