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7 Ways Blockchain is Being Used for Security

Blockchain is being used as a security tool. If you haven’t thought about adopting it, you might want to reconsider your take. The distributed ledger of blockchain has found application


Using the blockchain to get traffic moving in smart cities

Commuters worldwide will all probably agree that while public transport may not be an exciting industry, late transportation arrivals and road congestion is certainly an aspect of city life that


How Blockchain Ecosystems Can Be a Threat to Cybersecurity

The first impression of many people about blockchain technology is that it will actually enhance cybersecurity. The reason for this point of view is because of the structure of blockchain


Blockchain: Only As Good As Its Data

Blockchain has without a doubt created a lot of discussion as the next big thing, especially in supply chain. Before blockchain can become the next tech blockbuster, there are several

Industry Insights

5 Top Pieces Of Advice For CISOs

The cyber security market is overwhelmed by buzzwords. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain – all this attacks CISOs from every possible angle, from webinars and conferences to the media. Most


Why should CTOs in the financial sector consider blockchain technology?

In the digital world, there is an inherent lack of trust when two parties want to conduct a value exchange. After all, transactions are nothing more than digital entries on


Blockchain All the Rage But Comes With Numerous Risks

Researchers dig into four types of cyberattacks targeting blockchain, how they work, and why early adopters are the easiest targets. If you haven’t jumped into the blockchain frenzy, chances are

Industry Insights

Effectively Managing Mistrust for Optimal Cybersecurity

Trusting your customers and partners with valuable proprietary information and data has always been a massive issue in most business sectors, borne from years of ruthless competition, battles for customers

Network Security

Cybercriminals Work Around Road Blocks

Though somewhat deterred by the major takedown of two popular underground marketplaces, cybercriminals have found alternative solutions that are growing more popular, according to new research from Digital Shadows. Click here


Airports, blockchain and the seamless passenger journey

It may be a generation before administration is managed by machine and human contact is for assistance, exceptions and courtesy. Blockchain may be the technology that makes it all possible.