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Endpoint security solutions challenged by zero-day and fileless attacks

There is an endpoint protection gap against modern threats, the result of a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute and Barkly have shown. The organizations polled 660 IT and security


Endpoint Attacks Increase as Patching Slows

While it’s no surprise that organizations are being compromised, a new study released by Ponemon Institute found that the rate at which organizations are compromised is quite alarming. The study, 2018 State of

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Making informed decisions: The importance of data driven security

When deciding what product to buy, the information the vendor offers about the product is helpful, but not nearly enough: you need to analyze individual product results and peruse comparative


New ways in endpoint protection: What should CIOs pay attention to?

With large-scale cyber attacks and dangerous vulnerabilities such as WannaCry and Spectre, companies have reached a point where the use of traditional antivirus (AV) technologies are no longer sufficient to

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Almost half of US healthcare organizations breached in the past year

A new report from information security specialist Thales e-Security reveals that 48 percent of US healthcare organizations reported getting breached in the last year, more than 2.5 times the rate

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Why Cybersecurity Is About More Than Prevention-Focused Products

Breaches of Equifax, HBO and Uber made headlines in 2017, and 2018 will have its own share of high-profile breaches. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, cybercriminals are becoming


The triple-s model for modern authentication: seamless, secure, single

This authentication model provides employees with a great user experience and organisations with the guaranteed security.Data is only as secure as the endpoint it is on, and those endpoints are

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Emerging Trends in Vulnerability Management

The increasing adoption of undefended new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and escalation in cybercrime activity have given rise to more damaging breaches. The ensuing regulatory and legal scrutiny


The next step in network security evolution

In 1987, Bernd Fix developed a method to neutralize the Vienna virus, becoming the first known antivirus software developer. In 2017, as we pass the 30-year anniversary, a lot has