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Looking for answers at Black Hat 2019: 5 important cybersecurity issues

As Black Hat 2019 begins, the cybersecurity topics top of mind include network security platforms, threat detection/response services, new cloud security strategies, and clarification around security analytics. Judging by last


Protect privacy and provide secure mobile access to corporate data

In this Help Net Security podcast, Mike Campin, VP of Engineering at Wandera, talks about how their solution solves a problem that every business is facing today, which is how to

Industry Insights

What Should Enterprises Focus On When It Comes To Cybersecurity?

Addressing the issue of enterprise security in 2019 has become a top concern for many businesses that still seem to flounder when attempting to apply a solution to this vexing


How past threats and technical developments influence the evolution of malware

If we want to anticipate how malware will evolve in the near future, we have to keep two things in mind: past threats and current technical developments. “The evolution of


Think Data Security, Not Endpoint Security

A strong data protection strategy is essential to protect information as it moves across endpoints and in the cloud. INTEROP 2019 – LAS VEGAS – Endpoint security is a common


5 cyber security trends for 2019

Promoted by Keypath education.  Cyber security is increasing in importance for members of the public and business owners alike. Discover five trends that you really need to know. Norton Security


UK To Introduce New Law For IoT Device Security

The UK government has announced plans to introduce new IoT security laws for manufacturers of connected devices. Launched by Digital Minister Margot James, the legislation (which is open for consultation)


One hundred percent of endpoint security tools eventually fail

Endpoint security tools and agents fail, reliably and predictably, according to the 2019 Global Endpoint Security Trends Report from Absolute. From there, every additional security tool only amplifies complexity and increases the


Endpoint security is consolidating, but what does that mean?

Organizations seeking tightly-integrated endpoint security solutions must determine how far they want to go.In 2017, my colleague Doug Cahill conducted research on endpoint security. Back then, the research indicated that

Industry Insights

Worldwide spending on security solutions expected to continue growing

Worldwide spending on security-related hardware, software, and services is forecast to reach $103.1 billion in 2019, an increase of 9.4% over 2017. This pace of growth is expected to continue