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Artificial Intelligence

69% of organizations believe they can’t respond to critical threats without AI

Businesses are increasing the pace of investment in AI systems to defend against the next generation of cyberattacks, a study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found. Two thirds (69%) of organizations

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IT managers are struggling to keep up with cyberattacks

Businesses are being attacked from all sides, and with all kinds of weapons. IT experts are being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of cyberattacks hitting businesses today, new research has claimed.A report


How mobile use cases in financial services are affecting security

Financial services organizations are increasingly exposed to cyber threats, according to Wandera. The report “​Mobile Security in the Financial Services​,” includes analysis of six months of security data from 225 financial


Cybersecurity as a key challenge in realising India’s digital economy potential: ESET survey

​57% of respondents also indicated spending more than three hours online per day, suggesting a high degree of exposure to cyberthreats. As smartphone adoption grows, consumers still show apathy towards

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What’s the hype vs. reality in cybersecurity during 2019?

RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, has unveiled expert insights into salient issues around emerging threats and security technologies. Ahead of RSAC 2019 APJ, which begins

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Three Cybersecurity Essentials Your Board of Directors Wants to Know

Every executive team cares about business risk. Leaders actively trying to manage risk have realized that cyber-threats now represent the lion’s share of potential harm, and they want timely KPI


Don’t Play the Victim: #HowTo Create a Ransomware Backup Plan

Data is a company’s most precious asset, but storing it entails a major responsibility to keep that data safe. This isn’t just the responsibility of the IT or security team.

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Drafting an Appropriate Cybersecurity Policy

Cyber threats, cyberattacks, and hacks are getting more and more common so companies are forced to invest in cybersecurity systems. Even though your business may have an excellent cybersecurity plan,


How past threats and technical developments influence the evolution of malware

If we want to anticipate how malware will evolve in the near future, we have to keep two things in mind: past threats and current technical developments. “The evolution of

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Countering industrial cyberthreats with secure, standards-based, licensed wireless networks

Over the past few years, cyber threats aimed at a number of critical infrastructure targets have drawn our attention to the security of mission critical networks. These threats have included