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Cyber threats continue to evolve, but security teams remain confident

Coming off of a year of major data breaches making headline news, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that security teams are losing the cybersecurity battle, a DomainTools survey reveals. Click here to view


Monitoring multi-cloud environments

In today’s fast-growth, faster-results market, customers expect applications to be consistently available and up-to-date — which is often easier said than done. Meeting that demand often involves migrating to the

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What We Can Learn From This Year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NSCAM) has been an annual fixture since October 2003. The goal of the last 16 years has been to raise awareness of the importance of security


Why Software Developers Are The True Cybersecurity Threat

Software exists to make things we want to repeat — in the exact same manner, time after time — easy to access. When I press the “W” key, I expect

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Driving Collaboration Between Security & IT Ops Teams is a Major Challenge

Strained relationships between security and IT ops teams leave businesses vulnerable to disruption, even with increased spending on IT security and management tools, a Tanium research reveals. Click here to

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How British Red Cross’s IT security chief is demystifying cyber for staff

Lee Cramp is the head of information security at the British Red Cross, but unlike many other roles like his, he does not have an IT security team that sits


Only 11% of organizations can detect intruders in under one minute

The process of detecting, triaging, investigating, and containing a cyber incident takes organizations globally on average nearly seven days of working around the clock (totaling 162 hours), with an average

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Attackers increasingly embrace small-scale DDoS attacks to evade detection

The growth in both large- and small-scale DDoS attacks continues its upward trajectory, according to a report released by Neustar.The report reveals that the total number of DDoS attacks was up 241%


Taking Stock of Your Data Security to Deliver a Happy Holiday Shopping Season

With the holidays approaching, many of us are thinking about taking time off from work to be with friends and family, as well all the last minute shopping that needs

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Study Unveils 2020 Travel Risks & Country Medical/Safety Ratings

Heightened security threats, civil unrest and geopolitical instability are expected to be top disruptors to the mobile workforce in 2020, says a new study by International SOS. The company’s Travel Risk