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Cyber Security Incidents: Insider Threat falls in UK (to 65%) and Germany (to 75%) post GDPR, but US risk increases (to 80%)

New research by data security company, Clearswift, has shown that year on year cyber security incidents from those within the organisation, as a percentage of all incidents, have fallen in the


Five network security threats facing retail – and how to fight them

Digital networks are now the backbone of every retail operation. But they are also a very attractive target for cyber criminals. Paul Leybourne of Vodat International examines the key cyber


Are security professionals moving fast enough?

Anthony O’Mara, from Malwarebytes, explains to Information Age why security professionals need to move much faster to beat cyber criminals. With the increase in threats the cybersecurity industry faces, alongside

Industry Insights

An overview of the OT/ICS landscape for cyber professionals

Most cyber security professionals take for granted the information technology or IT nature of their work. That is, when designing cyber protections for some target infrastructure, it is generally presumed


IT management firm SolarWinds acquire MSSP Trusted Metrics to strengthen cyber security

IT management firm SolarWinds have added Management Security Services Provider (MSSP) Trusted Metrics to its operations in a move to strengthen its cyber security.The collaboration of SolarWinds and Trusted Metrics

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Half of businesses ignore future cyber threats

Many firms are too busy fighting current cyber threats to plan for the future. Businesses are too busy fighting current cyber-threats to focus on what might be around the corner, new research

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Security Automation – The Future Starts Now!

Bill Gates is known to have said “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The


Ransomware back in big way, 181.5 million attacks since January

SonicWall announces record numbers for malware volume, ransomware attacks, encrypted threats and chip-based attacks in the mid-year update of the 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. “Real-time cyber threat intelligence is more critical than

Industry Insights

Could understanding the technical debt hold the key to improving cyber security?

Charl van der Walt, chief security strategy officer at SecureData, explains why a change of thinking is needed to improve cyber security strategies. The most important thing to do is


Winning back data control with smart web security

Despite the growing danger, some businesses are unable to shake of the shackles of their legacy security solution, perhaps fearing a complex onboarding process with a new solution. The web