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Nuke Weapon Systems at Risk From Cyber-Attack

Nuclear weapons systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks which could at worst lead to compromise and inadvertent launches, a leading thinktank has warned.These risks have been outlined in the new Chatham


The network vulnerabilities hiding in plain sight

Any company wanting to redefine its network security strategies in the wake of substantial IoT growth should start with the following four steps.There is no denying that, for better or

Industry Insights

UK Firms Deluged with Cyber-Attacks in 2017

UK firms were hit by over 230,000 cyber-attacks each in 2017, with the majority targeting connected devices, according to new data from Beaming.The business ISP analyzed attacks on thousands of


6 Things That Make You a Target for Hackers

Viruses and malicious software both top the list of common computer threats in the 21st century, but we can’t lose focus of one of the more traditional dangers: hacking.A criminal

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2018 IT Security Outlook: Attacks and Threats Get More Sophisticated

For IT security vendors, bad news can be good news: High-profile data breaches and increasing government regulations can mean increased sales of security products.2017 brought a steady stream of data


Believe It: Cybersecurity is Getting Better, Not Worse

2017 has been a tough year from a cybersecurity stand point. We’ve seen some of the biggest hacks and data breaches ever, as well as one of the most devastating

Industry Insights

The tech skills gap has huge implications for cybersecurity

Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s words are music to the ears of an industry crying out for change.The government’s Autumn budget signalled a real step change for the tech industry. The move

Identity Theft

CISOs must have the capabilities to address 2018’s greatest threats

The role of the CISO has dramatically evolved in recent years due to the increased interconnectivity of business networks, with more people having access to company data than ever beforeMoving


Security’s Time Management Crunch and How to Solve It

Time is the scarcest resource we have as IT and security professionals. There are only so many minutes in each day to get things done. At the root of many


Security pros waste 10 hours a week due to inefficient systems

Process and software inefficiencies play a major role in slowing down an organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, according to LogRhythm.Over one-third of IT decision makers say their