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How can we give cybersecurity analysts a helping hand?

It’s tough being a cybersecurity analyst these days. Over the last few years we have been repeatedly reminded of the challenge they are now facing, primarily through the steady stream


Threat Hunting: The Proactive Angle to Cyber Security

Threat hunting is a proactive approach that is being utilized in cyber security to detect anomalies and threats before they materialize into an attack. Attackers are ahead of the game:


Ransomware no longer biggest cyber security threat, report finds

Ransomware attacks are becoming less prevalent as cyber criminals look to news way of attacking a system, a new report has found. Instead, hackers are turning towards hidden HTTPs tunnels


Public Private Partnerships And The Cybersecurity Challenge Of Protecting Critical Infrastructure

In the U.S., most of the critical infrastructure, including defense, oil and gas, electric power grids, health care, utilities, communications, transportation, education, banking and finance, is owned by the private


Browser threats are as serious as phishing or ransomware

Businesses need to understand what makes these threats tick. Many organization have close to no visibility into their web-facing assets. They are also, generally speaking, clueless about how people use

Industry Insights

On Cybersecurity: What’s Next for Homeland Security?

Back in early March of this year, I was honored to speak with Jeanette Manfra after the National Cyber Security’s Alliance’s annual luncheon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Manfra

IT Compliance

The leading sources of stress for cybersecurity leaders? Regulation, threats, skills shortage

A perfect storm of regulation, increased threats and technological complexity is overwhelming cybersecurity decision makers, reveals new research from Symantec. Four in five (82 percent) security leaders across France, Germany

Industry Insights

5 Reasons Why One Should Learn Cyber Security In 2019

In this Internet-driven era, DDoS, data breaches and leaks, malware, ransomware etc. have become some of the common terms. Over the past few years, the rate of cyber-attacks has increased


The many faces and activities of the ever-evolving Necurs botnet

The botnet is primarily used to deliver other malware in different attack campaigns. The Necurs botnet is operated by a Russia-based threat actor group. The powerful Necurs botnet has been


Don’t Let Insider Threats Rain On Your Cloud Deployment

Insiders can easily be more of a cyber threat to organizations than outside attackers, for the obvious reason – they’re already inside. Whether malicious or simply clueless or careless, they