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Businesses Blighted by Impersonation Phishing Attacks

A new study has found that, in the last 12 months, 43% of UK SMEs were targeted by phishing attacks in which hackers impersonated members of staff. Worryingly, the instigators

IT Compliance

Authentication in the Age of GDPR

It’s been over a year since the enforcement of the long-planned General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began, marking the start of a new regulatory era for data management. GDPR impacts


Investors Go Phishing For Gold In Cybersecurity—Cyber Saturday

Greetings. This is Jonathan Vanian, filling in for Robert Hackett and Jeff John Roberts. Investors see a potential gold mine in combating one of the oldest tricks by hackers. Three


Ransomware and malware attacks decline, attackers adopting covert tactics

There has been a major decline in ransomware and malware attacks, with Ireland having some of the lowest rates globally, according to the latest report released by Microsoft. Click here


Phishing Attacks Evolve as Detection & Response Capabilities Improve

Social engineering scam continued to be preferred attack vector last year, but attackers were forced to adapt and change.The growing sophistication of tools and techniques for protecting people against phishing

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What Are The Black Friday Security Threats And How Can Organisations Avoid Them?

As Black Friday approaches, what are the security threats and how can organisations and consumers avoid them? Black Friday, and the following Cyber Monday, represent that time of year when

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Cybersecurity Is Getting Its Own Agency

Without any notable opposition to the Senate’s version of the bill, the House agreed to a reorganization of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Act earlier this week, according

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Increased dark web activity putting merchants and consumers at risk

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting retailers and their customers through digital and social channels as retailers leverage new channels for increased revenue opportunities.In a joint report, IntSights scoured the Clear and


Email Still Poses a Cyber-Threat, but There is Hope

The total number of emails sent and received daily worldwide exceeds 281 billion and is forecast to grow to over 333 billion by 2022. Cyber-criminals have taken advantage of this


Analysis of half-a-billion emails reveals malware-less email attacks are on the rise

FireEye analyzed over half-a-billion emails from 1H 2018, and found that 32% of email traffic seen in the first half of 2018 was considered ‘clean’ and actually delivered to an