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Artificial Intelligence

Why AI Is The Future Of Cybersecurity

These and many other insights are from Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report published this week. You can download the report here (28 pp., PDF, free, no opt-in). Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 850


Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence : The Key To Trust And Security For The Digital Finance World.

In 2017, the value per Bitcoin reached over €20,000 (£17,324) – a climax in the hype surrounding the cryptocurrency. However, confidence has been lacking for the price to remain stable.


Don’t be at Sea When it Comes to Protecting Against Mobile Phishing

In the early 90s, AOL flagged the first phishers who used algorithms. Fast forward 20 years and email and domain spoofing became fashionable. These were often poorly constructed with obvious


Organizations need greater visibility into network activity

One of the biggest challenges for all organizations was a lack of agility, making it difficult for their teams to investigate and respond quickly and accurately to security threats or


Threat actors are doing their homework, researchers identify new impersonation techniques

There is an increase in three main areas: spoofed phishing attempts, HTTPS encryption in URL-based attacks, and cloud-based attacks focused on publicly hosted, trusted file-sharing services, FireEye found, after analyzing

Industry Insights

How to Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Cyber-attacks on businesses and individuals are growing in frequency and impact. In 2016, Telstra reported that 60% of businesses had experienced at least one disruptive security breach per month, up from 23.7%

Industry Insights

Three cornerstones for effective cyber security

Maritime’s fragmented approach to digitalisation carries risk, especially when it comes to cyber security. Speaking recently at Lloyd’s Register Asia Shipowners’ Forum, Wallem Group chief executive Frank Coles highlighted how


Data Privacy and Security: Why Mobile Apps are the New Weak Link

There was wide outrage when the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, when it was discovered that a political data analytics firm was able to access data belonging to about 87


How to diminish the great threat of legacy apps

The Equifax breach underscored the risk posed by unpatched software applications. As a refresher, 146 million customer records were exposed after a known vulnerability in Apache Struts was exploited. The reality is enterprises are

Industry Insights

Stop the Noise, Time to Rationalize Cybersecurity

After years of the IT team banging their heads against the wall, the sheer volume of hacks and data breaches hitting the headlines on an almost daily basis has finally