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Ransomware: To Pay Or Not To Pay

We’ve all seen the movie: the steely eyed law enforcement officer draws a deep breath and says firmly “we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Ever.” But the fact is, we do.

Industry Insights

Emerging Cyber-Security Threats for 2020: The Rise of Disruptionware and High-Impact Ransomware Attacks

Disruptionware is defined by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) as a new and “emerging category of malware designed to suspend operations within a victim organization through the compromise of the


Cybersecurity is Key to a Successful 5G Strategy

The worldwide excitement around 5G is on the verge of hitting a crescendo with phased trials and roll-outs happening all across. Global networks and forums are abuzz with talks around how dynamically


Attackers continue to leverage greater levels of social engineering and sophistication

Despite a nearly four-month absence, the return of Emotet within the last two weeks of September accounted for nearly 12 percent of all malicious email samples in Q3, delivering millions of messages


Building a Security Testing Plan

One of the most frequent questions my team and I get asked is: “Can you help us build a test plan?” In fact, 59% of security practitioners cite a “lack


Wizard Spider Upgrades Ryuk Ransomware to Reach Deep into LANs

Wake-on-LAN and ARP pinging have expanded Ryuk’s reach into corporate LANs — and its operators’ monetization abilities.The Ryuk ransomware has added two features to enhance its effectiveness: The ability to


BlueKeep Attacks Have Arrived, Are Initially Underwhelming

The first attacks that exploit the zero-day Windows vulnerability install cryptominers and scan for targets rather than a worm with WannaCry potential.The wave of BlueKeep attacks that security experts predicted could take


Keeping up with the Evolving Ransomware Security Landscape

Cybercrime is ever-evolving, and is consistently becoming more effective and damaging. While the range of attack vectors available to malicious actors are vast, ransomware remains one of the most prolific forms


Most citizens are against local governments paying ransomware attackers

Nearly 80% of US citizens are increasingly worried about ransomware attacks on cities – yet more than half are still hesitant to have city governments put forth the funds to fight off


Ransomware attacks hit 1 in 5 Americans

Anomali announced the results of a survey conducted by The Harris Poll. It includes responses from more than 2,000 American adults and reveals how Americans believe business and government organizations