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Network Security

DevOps and SecOps: how to close the gap between them?

The International Organisation for Standardisation has published an Open Systems Interconnection reference model for the most basic elements of computer networking which is also known as the ‘7-layer’ model that

Industry Insights

Auto industry says cybersecurity is a significant concern as cars become more automated

One hacker reportedly used GPS tracking apps to get into thousands of vehicles overseas.A traffic jam Monday in Brussels. Motherboard reported last week that a hacker cracked accounts that companies


As IT security automation increases, so does the need for highly skilled staff

The adoption of automation for IT security functions is on the rise across the US, UK and APAC, the latest DomainTools/Ponemon report has shown. The report, which is based on


Organizations still use low levels or no automation of key security and incident response tasks

Most organizations understand that automation is the path to achieve optimal workflows in the face of staff shortages and alert fatigue. Yet, 59% of the D3 Security 2019 Automation and

Artificial Intelligence

AI: the snake oil of the 21st century

Howard Williams from UK-based software house Parker Software, explores the state of AI snake oil in businesses. How much of artificial intelligence as we know it is pure quackery?Artificial intelligence


Leveraging AI and automation for successful DevSecOps

As engineering teams try to innovate at a faster pace, being able to maintain the quality, performance and security of the applications become much more important. Organizations have found huge


Business Outcomes for Automated Phishing Response

As I’ve written about in previous articles, security automation technology is creating impressive gains for security and incident response teams, by helping them improve operational effectiveness, increase speed and agility, and


Should we be saying goodbye to SIEM and hello to SOAR?

Andy Kays, CTO of Redscan, explains to Information Age why SIEM vendors must leverage SOAR to improve threat detection and response.Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a growing area

Industry Insights

Laziness is a Wonderful Motivator in Security

One of my favorite English-language proverbs states: “necessity is the mother of invention.” The Oxford dictionary explains the meaning of this proverb as: “when the need for something becomes imperative,


Solving the cloud infrastructure misconfiguration problem

Security incidents involving cloud infrastructure have become a regular occurrence since many organizations began shifting their assets to the cloud. Many of these incidents happen because of misconfiguration. “Cloud misconfiguration