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Cybercriminals are testing exposed credentials for future account takeover attacks

Fraud increased 30% overall in Q3 2019 and bot-driven account registration fraud is up 70% as cybercriminals test stolen credentials in advance of the holiday retail season, according to Arkose Labs.After analyzing

Artificial Intelligence

AI Development Has Major Security, Privacy & Ethical Blind Spots

Security is the most serious blind spot. Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of respondents indicated they don’t check for security vulnerabilities during model building. More than half (59 per cent) of


How to start achieving visibility in the cloud

As a security executive, you have a curious gig. On one hand, you’re responsible for securing your organization across multiple systems, networks, clouds, and geographies. On the other, your team

Industry Insights

How SMBs can bring their security testing on par with larger enterprises

What are the challenges of securing small and medium-sized enterprises vs. larger ones? And how can automated, continuous security testing help shrink the gap? When studying the differences between cyber


Cyber security of connected autonomous vehicles trialled

The privacy and security of data in CAVs has been improved thanks to WMG, University of Warwick who tested four innovations that were results of the PETRAS project. CAVs can

Artificial Intelligence

Is Cyber Security Automation a Viable Solution?

The relationship is not symmetrical. Cyber criminals are highly motivated. “They’re not bound by bureaucracy or normal business rules,” says David Carroll of XQ Cyber, for them cyber crime is a “revenue opportunity


Protecting iOS and Android applications in a fully automated way

In this Help Net Security podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2019, Dave Belt, Technology Evangelist at Irdeto, and Jaco du Plooy, VP Cloakware at Irdeto, discuss the current threat landscape,


Automation, visibility remain biggest issues for cybersecurity teams

Organizations still do not have necessary levels of automation or visibility within their cyber terrain, especially as security stacks grow and are underutilized, Fidelis Cybersecurity’s annual State of Threat Detection


Security orchestration and automation checklist: How to choose the right vendor

Faced up against the well-chronicled global skills shortage, the ceaseless bombardment of security alerts and the hodgepodge of security tools unable to communicate with each other, security operations professionals likely feel


What’s Driving the Need for Automated Security?

In 2011, Marc Andreessen said “Software is Eating the World.”  In 2017, Forbes declared the start of the “API Economy”.  In 2020, we will see “Data Dominance” where the companies