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Why the CISO’s Voice Must be Heard Beyond the IT Department

In a recent company board strategy meeting the CFO presented the financial forecast and outcome and made some interesting comments about fiscal risks and opportunities on the horizon. The COO

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Getting cybersecurity to the top of the boardroom agenda

CEOs, Boards of Directors and Trustees are now realising how fatal cybersecurity failures can really be.The IT industry has undoubtedly shone a bright light on the role of the Chief

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Cybersecurity Storms: Visibility is Key to Cyber Protections

The most destructive disaster is the one you do not see coming. Before modern meteorology, settlers along the Atlantic coast had no warning when a hurricane was upon them. There

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The Importance of “S” in “CISO”

A Chief Information Security Officer is the brigadier general of the security force of an organization. While the c-suite normally looks at the financial and overall management of an organization,


How Corporate Boards Can Be More Proactive Mitigating Cyber Risks

Many corporate boards have made significant progress about understanding the importance of cyber security to the competitive health and sustainability of the companies they oversee. They’ve certainly gotten the message


What is the challenge in embracing multi-factor authentication?

Only 20% of IBM mainframe customers are embracing multi-factor authentication to protect data and applications, according to findings from a new poll of 81 mainframe users conducted by Macro 4


What is a cyber attack? Recent examples show disturbing trends

From virtual bank heists to semi-open attacks from nation-states, the last couple of years has been rough on IT security. Here are some of the major recent cyber attacks and

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Should Government Officials Complete Basic Cyber Security Training?

Venafi announced the results of a survey of 515 IT security professionals’ views on the cyber security literacy of government officials. The survey was conducted August 4-9, 2018, at the

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Center for Connected Medicine Polls Top Health Systems About 2019 Priorities

Cybersecurity is still the big one. But interoperability and telehealth are not far behind for leading organizations’ technology goals. The Center for Connected Medicine polled IT executives across 38 health

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Securing your company’s supply chain with objective information

By Ewen O’Brien, EMEA Director at  BitSight Understanding the risk posed by third- and fourth-party companies can help mitigate security problems In light of the almost daily news of companies