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Data Breaches And Security 2020: Five Steps SMBs Can Take To Protect Their Data

When it comes to data security, 2019 was the most expensive year on record. While this reality has impacted companies of every size, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are in a

Identity Theft

Data breach: Why it’s time to adopt a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

The recent high-profile ransomware attack on foreign currency exchange specialist Travelex highlights the devastating results of a targeted cyber-attack. In the weeks following the initial attack, Travelex struggled to bring its customer-facing

Industry Insights

Recommendations for navigating the dynamic cybercrime landscape

In this interview, Mark Sangster, VP & Industry Security Strategist at eSentire, talks about the most pressing issues CISOs are dealing with in today’s fast-fast paced threat environment. Click here to


CISOs: Make 2020 the year you focus on third-party cyber risk

While cybersecurity professionals are certainly aware of the growing threat posed by sharing data with third parties, many seem to lack the urgency required to address this challenge. Click here to

Artificial Intelligence

AI, automation emerge as critical tools for cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence and automation adoption rates are rising, and investment plans are high on enterprise radars. AI is in pilots or use at 41% of companies, with another 42% actively


Do you know how exposed to cyberattack your business is? How to mitigate against cyberthreats

What steps businesses need to take to build a robust cybersecurity strategy. As companies seek to integrate more and more new technologies into their business to stay market-ready and ahead

Industry Insights

Data-driven vehicles: The next security challenge

Companies are increasingly building smart products that are tailored to know the individual user. In the automotive world, the next generation passenger vehicle could behave like a personal chauffeur, sentry

Vendor News

Citrix Issues Urgent Fix For Critical Flaw—Here’s What To Do Next

Citrix has issued the first fix for a serious vulnerability that could allow attackers to perform arbitrary code execution via directory traversal. Click here to view original webpage at www.forbes.com

Industry Insights

Five Factors Predicting The Future Of MacOS Management And Security

Going into 2020, CISOs’ sense of urgency for managing their fleets of Android, Apple iOS & macOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 devices all from an integrated Unified Endpoint Management

Industry Insights

How to govern cybersecurity risk at the board level

Rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats are now commanding the attention of senior business leaders and boards of directors and are no longer only the concern of IT security professionals. Click here to view