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Tackling biometric breaches, the decentralized dilemma

A recent discovery by vpnMentor revealed a worst case scenario for biometrics: a large cache of biometric data being exposed to the rest of the world. In this case web-based biometric security


Powerfully personal: the role of fingerprint biometric technology in the digital identity security crisis

Our digital identity is changing the face of personal identity as we know it and leaving consumers vulnerable.As our lives become increasingly digitised, our online footprints are changing significantly. Most


Beating biometrics: Why biometric authentication alone is not a panacea

As we witness the accelerating use of biometrics throughout our lives, we must pause to consider the risks and ramifications of doing so as technological advancements make it increasingly easy to mimic,


5 cyber security trends for 2019

Promoted by Keypath education.  Cyber security is increasing in importance for members of the public and business owners alike. Discover five trends that you really need to know. Norton Security


The role of size when it comes to the security and usability of the biometric fingerprint sensor

A lack of knowledge about fingerprint sensor size is threatening to undermine the biometric revolution.There is no denying the fingerprint biometric payment smart card is reaching its inflection point. In


Privacy a Top Concern in ‘Biometric Exit’

Despite bipartisan concerns over privacy, most airlines reportedly support the use of facial recognition, and the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has implemented facial recognition in 17 international airports,


Increased appetite for biometrics fueled by speed, security and convenience

The Biometric Consumer Sentiment Survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults who have experience using biometrics to log into their accounts, reveals an increased appetite for the technology. 70 percent


Cyber security: keep your eye on biometrics, regulations and insider threats

Growing cyber threats require businesses to prepare for all eventualities. Over the coming years, the very foundations of today’s digital world will shake – violently. Innovative and determined attackers, along


The rise of biometric readers and security

Your fingerprint cannot be reverse engineered to recreate your information and be used to access particular levels and areas of a company. The biometrics industry is continuing to grow at

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How employee behavior impacts cybersecurity effectiveness

A recent OpenVPN survey discovered 25 percent of employees, reuse the same password for everything. And 23 percent of employees admit to very frequently clicking on links before verifying they lead to