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How CISOs should respond to the cybersecurity crisis

Many thanks to the great folks at CloudShare, who have sponsored my writing for the last week. As cyber hacks, ransomware, and other breaches continue to rise, companies are quickly realizing

Industry Insights

Why cyber security needs to be prioritised at board level

There is growing evidence that cyber attacks are now deliberately targeting executives and board members – not businesses themselves – which shows that attackers believe this group is particularly vulnerable as well

Industry Insights

IT Weaknesses – The Barrier To Enterprises Becoming Security-First

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the benefits of embracing a cloud infrastructure to support on-premise networks, but often create complicated network environments in the process. Recent OneLogin research revealed that 94% of global

IT Compliance

The CIO’s greatest roadblock to Agile development: Security governance

Today, the greatest roadblock CIOs face when adopting Agile development is not ‘security in general,’ but ‘security governance.’ We can define ‘security governance’ as the establishment of security policies and

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CIOs admit certificate-related outages routinely impact critical business applications and services

Certificate-related outages harm the reliability and availability of vital network systems and services while also being extremely difficult to diagnose and remediate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses routinely suffer

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The 4 Pillars of a Lasting Cyber Security Transformation

Many CIOs and CISOs would have come across this situation after an incident, a serious near-miss or a bad audit report: Suddenly, money and resources – which were previously scarce


Enterprise attitudes to cybersecurity: Strategies to balance risk and business acceleration

IT decision makers are facing major challenges between dynamic adversaries, significant legislation and regulation requirements, business digital transformation needs, and a rapidly-growing array of technology solutions. Ideally, business requirements would be the

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From Survive To Thrive In Cybersecurity

Most CISOs last 13 months in their job, or so I was told a decade ago. I’ve since seen as high as 18 months and as low as 11 months,


Converged IT and OT to Advance Security Maturity

The convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) has raised concerns about cybersecurity, safety and data privacy for many organizations, according to a new Ponemon Institute study. Released


How To Get In Shape For Today’s Security Challenges And Counter Ransomware Attack

Recently, I’ve been doing intensive exercise. Not to lose some pounds before the inevitable post-Christmas weight gain, but because I’m getting ready for an XLETIX obstacle course in Munich. It