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Legacy networks holding back cloud and digital transformation

A new global survey by Riverbed Technology, which includes responses from 1,000 IT decision makers across nine countries, revealed an incredible level of agreement that legacy infrastructures are holding back

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AI will change the face of security, but is it still the stuff of sci-fi?

The technology industry has always had a big problem with hype, with marketing teams, analysts and the media alike tending to fixate on the next big thing that will revolutionise


Cybercriminals deploying assortment of banking Trojans and ransomware

Check Point revealed that banking trojans were extensively used by cybercriminals during August, with three variants appearing in the company’s latest Global Threat Impact Index.The Zeus, Ramnit and Trickbot banking


The Internet of Things: Success or bust? – Information Age

The Internet of Things is beginning to transform how a range of industries operate. The increasing volume of data flowing through these internet-connected devices is growing every day, influencing decisions

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Threat Intelligence Strategies Suffer from Data Overload – Infosecurity Magazine

While 86% of organizations believe threat intelligence is valuable to their security mission, many of them struggle with an overwhelming amount of threat data and a lack of staff expertise

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Do IT modernization efforts increase security challenges? – Help Net Security

Most government IT executives believe that IT modernization projects increase security challenges as opposed to alleviate them, according to a new study from Unisys. A large percentage of respondents to


Three steps to an effective cloud security strategy – CSO Online

Deploying to the cloud without a plan or an overall approach could leave you worse off than if you had simply stayed with the — increasingly antiquated — dedicated data


NIST develops guidelines for dealing with ransomware recovery

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) along with vendors and businesses within the cybersecurity community teamed up to develop a

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Key elements of a secure, sensitive information sharing strategy – Help Net Security

It’s been said, data is like the new oil. What does this mean exactly? Like oil, data is a commodity. But unlike oil, the value of data isn’t susceptible to

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Navigating GDPR in the mobile enterprise – Help Net Security

Securing data and protecting privacy in a connected world is already a major challenge for any enterprise, and mobility only magnifies this challenge. Mobile devices are treasure troves of personally