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Companies must ensure cyber security, education for home workers: experts

As more people work from home, companies’ digital protections, data and financial information may be increasingly at risk as people toil outside their employers’ digital cocoons. Click here to view


Security is leaving the data center and moving to the edge

The traditional network security model, in which traffic is routed through the data center for inspection and policy enforcement, is for all intents and purposes obsolete. A 2019 study by


DNS over HTTPS misuse or abuse: How to stay secure

Firefox and Chrome have recently begun supporting external DNS resolvers in the cloud. The use of these DNS services bypasses controls that enterprise IT organizations put in place to prevent

Industry Insights

Security operations and the evolving landscape of threat intelligence

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2020, we’re joined by the ThreatQuotient team talking about a threat-centric approach to security operations, the evolution of threat intelligence and the issues surrounding it. Click


Better Mobile Security with a Mobile Threat Defense Plan

Although I wasn’t exactly surprised by the alleged Saudi hack of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, it’s unusual that one of my annual New Year’s prognostications is so quickly proven accurate.

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Three ways attackers get around TOTP authentication

Time-based one-time passwords, or TOTPs, have become common as the second factor of two-factor authentication, which verifies users based on two conditions: something they know and something they have. Click

Industry Insights

One in five SMBs use no endpoint security at all

An alarming number of SMBs (small to medium businesses) in the US and UK are not prepared for a potential cyber attack or breach, BullGuard warns. Click here to view

IT Compliance

The Five States of Compliance Maturity: Building a Strong Training Strategy

Even though many businesses invest in useful compliance training to help reduce the liability and legal risks they face, for some, integrating that training with their business strategy means overcoming


CISOs: Make 2020 the year you focus on third-party cyber risk

While cybersecurity professionals are certainly aware of the growing threat posed by sharing data with third parties, many seem to lack the urgency required to address this challenge. Click here to


Top Four Cyber Security Challenges Tech Leaders Need to Watch Out for

To build Cybersecurity into every product and system, C-suite members should gain a better understanding of the cyber-risks to which their organizations are exposed. Click here to view original webpage