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Employees know vulnerabilities exist, but they can’t resolve them quickly enough

There is a sharp remediation gap between when organizations first detect vulnerabilities and when those issues are ultimately resolved, Adaptiva survey reveals.The survey also found that companies overwhelmingly do not

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Majority of 2019 breaches were the result of unapplied security patches

Despite a 24% average increase in annual spending on prevention, detection and remediation in 2019 compared with 2018, patching is delayed an average of 12 days due to data silos

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Effective Encryption Protects Data When it’s Most Vulnerable

Most organizations that rely on computing systems understand the need to protect data against cyber-attacks and data breaches by using encryption. Unfortunately, even the most well-informed and well-intentioned organizations fail


Chance that flaws will ever be dealt with diminishes the longer they stick around

More than half of all security findings (56%) are fixed, but a focus on fixing new findings while neglecting aging flaws leads to increasing security debt, according to Veracode research. After analyzing

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Inside Cybersecurity: The Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

A while back Phalguni Miraj, a high school sophomore in New Jersey, was working on a school assignment in Google Drive. When he logged in, he was redirected to random


Equifax and Heartbleed are most-Googled cyber security terms

The Equifax data breach of 2017, which saw 140 million customer records compromised, and the Heartbleed OpenSSL cryptographic library vulnerability of 2014, which enabled hackers to easily steal personal information, are the


New Firefox Privacy Protections, Apple iOS Zero-Days, Facebook User Phone Numbers Exposed

You’re listening to the Shared Security Podcast, exploring the trust you put in people, apps, and technology…with your host, Tom Eston. In episode 85 for September 9th 2019: Firefox will


Cybersecurity is urgently needed, say experts

Asked if they anticipated a cyber attack causing large-scale loss of life within the next 20 years, four of the five experts sitting on a cybersecurity panel at the Seoul


Security hole opens a billion Android users to advanced SMS phishing attacks

Check Point Research has revealed a security flaw in Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and other Android-based phones that leaves users vulnerable to advanced phishing attacks. The affected Android phones use

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#OSSummit: Don’t Ignore GitHub Security Alerts

How can an organization know if an open source project it builds with third-party libraries has known vulnerabilities? If the organization has its’ code on GitHub, there is an integrated