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Future cyber security threats and challenges: Are you ready for what’s coming?

A new study from The Internet Society shows what influencers around the world expect (and fear) about the future social, business and regulatory impact on cyber security.The world is changing,

Industry Insights

Three things to know about the dark web

One of the more curious aspects about the dark web is that it didn’t start out as such a dark place: it began with bulletin boards in the 80s and


Cybercriminals deploying assortment of banking Trojans and ransomware

Check Point revealed that banking trojans were extensively used by cybercriminals during August, with three variants appearing in the company’s latest Global Threat Impact Index.The Zeus, Ramnit and Trickbot banking

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Don’t let misplaced fear stifle innovation | ITProPortal

The famous author, James Joyce, once said: A man’s mistakes are his portals of discovery. That’s true in life and when it comes to security. After 20 years in the

BYOD/Big Data

Solving Cyber Security Quagmire Through The Prism Of Big Data

It would not be an over statement to say that widespread cyber attacks crippling global businesses has become the new normal. The speed and scale of the recent ransomware attacks

Identity Theft

Protecting Off-Premises ATMs: Is Your Credit Union Doing Enough?

If your credit union operates ATMs in remote locations like convenience stores or shopping malls, a bank heist in Japan probably caught your attention.According to news reports, fraudsters used 1,600 fake

Industry Insights

How to measure cybersecurity effectiveness — before it’s too late – Networks Asia – Asia’s Source for Enterprise Network Knowledge

Are you measuring the value and effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts? Most companies around the world are failing to do so, according to a recent security measurement index benchmark survey.

Identity Theft

Fraud: The backbone of dark web cybercrime – ITProPortal

Protecting your organisation from fraud has grown increasingly difficult as cybercriminals have adopted new tactics. Dark web marketplaces are used by a wide assortment of people for many reasons. Some

IT Compliance

Payment security: What are the biggest challenges? – Help Net Security

With cybercrime on the increase, payment card security is increasingly a focus for companies and consumers alike. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is there to help

Industry Insights

Organisations risk hefty government fines as new research shows continuing failure to prepare for cyber-attacks – IT SECURITY GURU

Almost a third (31 per cent) of organisations have been affected by cyber-crime in the past 12 months, according to new research from Databarracks. In light of this, the business