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Ransomware Disrupts Worldwide Production for Belgian Aircraft Parts Maker

ASCO Industries, a manufacturer of aerospace components with headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium, has been hit with ransomware, which ended up disrupting its production around the world. The attack reportedly started

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Cyber security scores: a new standard in mitigating risk?

Andrew Martin, founder and CEO of DynaRisk, explains how cyber security scores are improving employee engagement for enterprises.“People generally don’t care about their work device, what they care about is

IT Compliance

Despite Disclosure Laws, Cybercrime May be Widely Underreported

While attack vectors remain largely the same year over year, attack volume will increase and cybercrime may be vastly underreported, according to the 2019 State of Cybersecurity Study from global

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Why you need a cyber security solution for your business

If you want to know whether your business is safe against any cyber threats, then you must generate trust when it comes to your customers or clients. When speaking about


4 Programming Languages Every Cyber Security Professional Must Know

Technology is playing a significant role in our day to day life, and with that, the world is becoming extensively connected —whether it’s about talking to a closed ones living

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World needs to tighten cyber security

Amid the mind-blowing influence of digital technologies in everyday life, the need for a foolproof system to protect people, organisations and governments from cyber attacks should never be underestimated. The

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By Afrozulla Khan Z – Cyber Investigator at  SRL TRINITNY VISION PVT LTD, Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.  In


What will phishers do once push-based MFA becomes widely used?

As phishing continues to be the number one method for initiating a breach, investing in anti-phishing technologies or training – preferably both – should be a no-brainer for most companies.

Identity Theft

Cybercriminals continue to target intellectual property, putting brand reputation at risk

Despite improvements in combating cybercrime and threats, IT security professionals are still struggling to fully secure their organization and protect against breaches with 61 percent claiming to have experienced a data


Indian corporates seek to bridge skill gap in cyber security management

After a malware attack that brought much of the work at his office to a standstill for two days, Koushik Mitra enrolled for a course in cyber security. “The drive