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Hackers as Heroes: How Ethical Hacking is Changing the Industry

Hackers all around the world have long been portrayed in media and pop culture as the bad guys. Society is taught to see them as cyber-criminals and outliers who seek

Identity Theft Software

Phished credentials caused twice as many breaches than malware in the past year

Personal device use for remote work poses the biggest security risk to organisations safeguarding their increasingly mobile and cloud-based IT environment, according to a new survey of 100 UK-based senior


Why do cybercriminals target vulnerabilities?

It is crucial that businesses – as well as their development teams – understand the potential cost of the dormant vulnerabilities in their IT environment.We all know many enterprises are


A guide to cyber attacks: Malware – Part 1

As part of a three part guide on cyber attacks, we begin by exploring existing types of malware.Malware, short for malicious software, refers to any malicious coding that can infiltrate


The evolution of DDoS attacks – and defences

In October 2016, a new method for distributing DoS attacks emerged – using a network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to amplify attacks. What is the biggest cyber-threat to


Ransomware is a big problem, but it’s also a big opportunity for MSPs to educate clients

While large-scale attacks such as WannaCry make headlines, ransomware attacks are just as likely to happen among small businesses as they are large enterprises. According to Datto’s 2017 Ransomware Report, an estimated

Industry Insights

Cyber security best practice: Definition, diversity, training, responsibility and technology

As part of Information Age’s Cyber Security Month, we look at cyber security best practice – everything from defining it to the importance of training.Training and the building of more


Air Canada mobile app breached

Personal data may have been compromised. Payment data is safe, though. Personal data from 20,000 Air Canada users may have been compromised, the company announced this Tuesday. Hackers probably got their


How Threat Intelligence Help Small Businesses Deal With Cybercrime

Some of us find it hard to accept how small companies are usually the most vulnerable to cybercrime. For one thing, startups and mom-and-pop businesses often lack the expertise and budget that


12% of Security Professionals Have Considered ‘Black Hat’ Activity

Numerous studies focus on aspects of cybercrime aftermath, such as a company’s lost reputation or its struggles to obtain future clients after incidents. However, Malwarebytes commissioned Osterman Research to determine the direct