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Ransomware attacks hit 1 in 5 Americans

Anomali announced the results of a survey conducted by The Harris Poll. It includes responses from more than 2,000 American adults and reveals how Americans believe business and government organizations


Link between personality type and vulnerabilities to cybercrime

Only four in 10 (42%) businesses focus on compliance training as part of their cybersecurity protocol to ensure sensitive data is kept secure, reports ESET. More worryingly, 63% rely predominantly


Five examples of user-centered bank fraud

In today’s digital-first world, banks and financial service companies need to allow their customers to easily manage money online in order to compete. Unfortunately, most banking platforms were not designed securely and

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CYBER SECURITY – A fine balance of Safety & Convenience

A few years ago, having a six-letter password was sufficient but today, two-factor authentication is the new norm. Cyber made it all possible. The world felt more connected, faster, and


Which cyber security trends should organisations adopt in 2019?

With cyber crime on a meteoric rise, organisations in 2019 have to pay extra attention to cyber security trends such as increased cloud security, vulnerable Internet of Things networks, and


Phishing is a billion-dollar global industry, consumers are the main target

Phishing is a growing pain point for individuals, businesses and CSPs, according to Allot. Consumers are the main target of these attacks, and they are calling for better security for


Cyber Security Today: Fake Office 365 site, don’t trust strangers and warning on college web site software

Fake Office 365 site, don’t trust strangers and warning on college web site software.. Click here to view original webpage at www.itworldcanada.com

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Getting the board on board with cyber-security: Top tips for making a compelling case for resources to safeguard the enterprise

Work for an organisation that’s become concerned about cyber-security? You’re far from alone. Thanks to a rash of high-profile attacks and incursions, Australian business leaders are woke to the damage

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Cyber security: Half of Manx people ‘risk being hacked’

Nearly all respondents said they had received a fraudulent email, while only two thirds were confident in their online security. The poll also found almost 40% did not know how

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in cyber security: The savior or enemy of your business?

The role of AI in cyber security and how it’s reinventing cyber security and cybercrime alike Artificial intelligence poses both a blessing and a curse to businesses, customers, and cybercriminals