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Cybercrime Tool Prices Bump Up in Dark Web Markets

Prices have been rising in the last two years for longstanding tools available on the Dark Web to help bad actors commit cyber attacks and fraud, alongside newer innovations that


GandCrab cousin Sodinokibi made a fortune for ransomware pushers

By tracking down bitcoin wallets, researchers estimate that the Sodinokibi creators pocketed at least $4.5 million. Security researchers have tracked the bitcoin payments made by victims of the Sodinokibi ransomware


Cybercrime is maturing, shifting its focus to larger and more profitable targets

Cybercrime is continuing to mature and becoming more and more bold, shifting its focus to larger and more profitable targets as well as new technologies. Data is the key element

Identity Theft

Unmask cybercriminals through identity attribution

Organized crime has grown more complex since the turn of the century—coinciding with the rise of the digital world, cybercriminals have leveraged the proliferation of technology to broaden their reach with a

IT Compliance

Cyber Security Nordic: Have data? Use it, delete it

Toxic data in the industry parlance usually means non-consented information obtained from users, which poses the chance of penalties under data protection regulations. However, data hoarded without any immediate use


The 5 biggest examples of executive threats and how to prevent them

Many executives focus their security efforts and budgets solely on physical threats, but attacks targeting an executive’s digital presence can be just as dangerous. Criminals are looking to exploit the

Industry Insights

Inside Cybersecurity: The Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

A while back Phalguni Miraj, a high school sophomore in New Jersey, was working on a school assignment in Google Drive. When he logged in, he was redirected to random

Industry Insights

Stay safe this National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Time to act, with 55 per cent of UK businesses targeted by cybercrime in the last year. October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time that acts as a

Identity Theft

Employees are mistakenly confident that they can spot phishing emails

While a majority (79%) of people say they are able to distinguish a phishing message from a genuine one, nearly half (49%) also admit to having clicked on a link


Making money from cyber security

Cyber security is designed to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect against the exploitation of networks and technology. It’s intended to be a big part of the future,