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3 cybersecurity ‘truths’ that every CISO must know

For government chief information security officers, today’s cybersecurity landscape continues to shift. As local, state and federal agencies launch digital transformation initiatives, they embrace a wealth of exciting new innovations.


What hackers inside your company are after: Convenience

Digital transformation is not a technology trend. Rather, it is a convenience trend. Businesses are changing because customer expectations demand it. Each day, consumers find yet another use for mobile connectivity.


Cybersecurity Implementation Versus Organizational Layers of Leadership

In view of the rapid evolution of technologies and tools that comes under the very broad term “digital transformation,” in my previous article we attempted to shed more light over the crucial influence


Identity-Defined Security is Critical in a Digital Transformation World

In an economy driven by information, data has always been every organization’s most important asset, and cyber-criminals know this, which is why they almost always start an attack by compromising


Half of businesses don’t have a clear digital transformation plan

Businesses are failing their digital transformation efforts because they’re moving head first, without clear vision, and because they’re not communicating their ideas among key departments enough.This is according to a


How to manage the double-edged sword of the cloud

The digital transformation that’s sweeping across many different industries is one that requires rich and quick data to enable organisations and businesses. The critical need to embrace digital transformation is


Are Shadow Cloud Services Undermining Your Security Efforts?

The Great Cloud Migration continues around the world, forging new pathways to digital transformation by way of data analytics, on-demand computing power, and agile scalability. If you’ve undertaken this journey,

IT Compliance Software

Software Compliance Risks in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a burgeoning change in the world of business and technology. Organizational leaders are piping with excitement at the wealth of opportunities to grow their business and seize


How are execs tackling cyber risk that comes with digital transformation?

There are notable gaps in organizations’ abilities to meet cybersecurity demands for the future, according to a new Deloitte survey. The report highlights the dissonance between what organizations aspire to


Digital Transformation Presents Both Reward and Risk

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way organizations do business. Mobile access, advanced analytics and cloud have increased both operational agility and revenue growth through data availability, workforce enablement, and