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Healthcare IT pros now confident in their cyber attack response ability

Almost two years since the ransomware attack that brought the NHS (National Health Service) to a halt, healthcare IT professionals feel more confident in their ability to respond to a


The IoT threat landscape is expanding rapidly, yet few companies are addressing third party risk factors

There is a dramatic increase in IoT-related data breaches specifically due to an unsecured IoT device or application since 2017 – from 15 percent to 26 percent – and the

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Mobile carriers believe security and reliability concerns will increase with 5G

Mobile service providers anticipate significant new revenue opportunities from the coming deployment of high-speed 5G networks and a host of new IoT-driven use cases, but they also believe much-improved security will be


Flaws in the design of IoT devices prevent them from notifying homeowners about problems

Design flaws in smart home Internet of Things (IoT) devices that allow third parties to prevent devices from sharing information have been identified by researchers at North Carolina State University. The flaws


UK To Introduce New Law For IoT Device Security

The UK government has announced plans to introduce new IoT security laws for manufacturers of connected devices. Launched by Digital Minister Margot James, the legislation (which is open for consultation)


Internet-connected devices to display cyber-security resilience labels

The UK Government is consulting on plans to label all internet-connected devices with information about how resilient they are to cyber attacks. The label would tell consumers how secure their



Businesses in the UK are going through a tough phase while finding the correct blend of cybersecurity and IoT skills, according to a report by Experis Industry Insider. The study


Regulating the IoT: Impact and new considerations for cybersecurity and new government regulations

In 2019 we have reached a new turning point in the adoption of IoT – more markets and industries are migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, and as the IoT continues to gain


4 ways to minimize IoT cybersecurity risk

Few technology trends are growing as quickly as the internet of things. According to Bain & Company, the markets for IoT hardware, software, systems integration, data and telecom services will grow


7 Malware Families Ready to Ruin Your IoT’s Day

This latest list of Internet of Things miscreants doesn’t limit itself to botnets, like Mirai. Don’t you hate it when one loud co-worker at the office takes all the credit