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Improving the security, privacy and safety of future connected vehicles

The security, privacy and safety of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) has been improved thanks to testing at WMG, University of Warwick. CAVs can now connect to each other, roadside infrastructure,


Rapid Rise in Monetization of IoT Attacks

An investigation by Trend Micro into the dark dealings of the cyber underground has found a rapid increase in the monetization of IoT attacks. In a report released today, the global security software company


IoT attacks increasing in the cyber underground

Cybercriminals from around the world are actively discussing how to compromise connected devices, and how to leverage these devices for moneymaking schemes, according to Trend Micro. Trend Micro Research analyzed


Cybersecurity is urgently needed, say experts

Asked if they anticipated a cyber attack causing large-scale loss of life within the next 20 years, four of the five experts sitting on a cybersecurity panel at the Seoul


How to reduce the attack surface associated with medical devices

As the number of connected medical devices continues to rise, so does healthcare organizations’ attack surface. “Most medical devices available in the healthcare system today were not built with security


Cybersecurity challenges for smart cities: Key issues and top threats

Urban population is on the rise worldwide and smart city development projectsare harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable solutions. However, digital

Industry Insights

IoT Security: It’s Time Enterprises Take Responsibility

As IoT security threats increase, enterprises need to stop blaming the device maker and better secure their networks. Companies across industries are quick to say security is their top priority.

IT Compliance

Cybersecurity: 3 Ways CXOs can Guard Against Insider Threats

INSIDER threats have always posed quite a challenge to cybersecurity specialists looking to defend a company’s data and infrastructure. In the digital world, while external attackers are getting increasingly sophisticated,


Understanding IoT Cybersecurity Risks

Deloitte and Dragos share the top threats to organizations and the need for a secure-by-design approach to the Internet of Things.  Cybersecurity is on every manufacturer’s mind these days, as


Many companies don’t know the depth of their IoT-related risk exposure

In the digital age, cyber is everywhere. Cyber risk now permeates nearly every aspect of how we live and work. Organizations should better understand how to manage the risks created by known