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Cybercrime figures are ‘tip of the iceberg’

By Tim Thurlings, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Bluedog Security Monitoring (www.bluedog-security.com) Tim Thurlings of bluedog Security Monitoring says that the current figures disguise the full extent of the problem


Why CMO Should Know About Cybersecurity?

Apart from configuring cybersecurity measures, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) needs to be responsible for taking up cybersecurity practices within their organization. Cybersecurity breaches often coincide with the fact that

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Turkish Hacker From London Convicted Of Apple Blackmail Attempt

A 22-year-old Turkish man from London was convicted of attempting to blackmail Apple out of $75,000 in cryptocurrency or a thousand $100 iTunes gift cards by falsely claiming he had

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Eight innovative technologies that are changing business

They say that change is constant. They are right, especially if they are talking about technology. Even before you are done discussing about a certain technology, an upgrade of the


10 cybersecurity stories in 2019 that make us feel less secure

2019 is almost over. On many levels, it has been a memorable year; technology continued to show its prowess and agility, especially given the number of security threats. These security

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The phishing tricks that break through standard email filters

Some phishing emails are easy to spot: the spelling is bad, the spoofed email is clearly a fake, and the images are too warped to have possibly been sent by


Snatch ransomware reboots PCs in Windows Safe Mode to bypass antivirus apps

The authors of the Snatch ransomware are using a never-before-seen trick to bypass antivirus software and encrypt victims’ files without being detected. The trick relies on rebooting an infected computer


The hidden risks of cryptojacking attacks

For any business, privacy and security are a constant concern. The variety and velocity of attacks seeking to infiltrate corporate systems and steal vital business and customer information seem never-ending.

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UK Retailer Sweaty Betty Hacked to Steal Customer Payment Info

The web site for UK activewear retailer Sweaty Betty has been hacked to insert malicious code that attempts to steal a customer’s payment information when making purchases. Click here to view

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Why Cybersecurity Needs To Focus More On Customer Endpoints

Cloud-based endpoint protection platforms (EPP) are proliferating across enterprises today as CIOs and CISOs prioritize greater resiliency in their endpoint security strategies going into 2020. Click here to view original