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Industrial control system cyber security risk high, report warns

The industrial control system cyber risk to global oil and gas companies is high and rising, as new attack groups continue to enter the arena.The oil and gas industry is


The need for scalable OT security

As manufacturers and other industrial network owners are becoming more security conscious, they are coming up against security performance issues. Operational Technology (OT) networks are increasingly becoming targets for cyberattacks,

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What’s the State of Cybersecurity?

Our digital economy depends on secure data; effective cybersecurity is critical to the functioning of governments, finance, infrastructure, business, and individuals. Thomas Glocer has been helping to fend off cyber


Should You Build Your Infrastructure to be Hit by a Cyber Attack?

There’s a perfect cybersecurity storm happening. We’re seeing more attacks than ever before but there aren’t enough infosec experts out there to defend organizations, meaning that infrastructure and operations teams

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Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought within industrial environments

The basics of cyber security are still not being practized regularly and new cyber security risks are emerging as more and more untested technologies are integrated within the critical infrastructures

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Drafting an Appropriate Cybersecurity Policy

Cyber threats, cyberattacks, and hacks are getting more and more common so companies are forced to invest in cybersecurity systems. Even though your business may have an excellent cybersecurity plan,

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How penetration testing can help secure your company’s infrastructure

Any type of security breach can have an impact and far-reaching repercussions for a company and its customers.Infrastructure security is a top priority for all IT managers.  Organisations must be


How to Keep Your Client Data Secure (and Why It Matters)

Data security is a critical, yet overlooked issue for creative agencies. Our latest article will show you why data security matters more than ever and how to get better at

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Avoiding Security Certificate Missteps

With code signing cyber-attacks on the rise, certificate legitimacy is a growing concern. Digital certificates are a core tenet of security, and when mis-issue events occur, the standards of trust

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On Cybersecurity: What’s Next for Homeland Security?

Back in early March of this year, I was honored to speak with Jeanette Manfra after the National Cyber Security’s Alliance’s annual luncheon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Manfra