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Microsoft issues patches to critical systems following NSA tipoff

Microsoft has released updates for Microsoft Windows after being tipped off by the US National Security Agency (NSA) that there was a serious flaw in the operating system that is

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Microsoft Stops Supporting Windows 7, Leaving Millions of Users at Risk of Cyberattacks

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 will stop today, January 14, 2020.  According to Microsoft, when Windows 7 reaches end of support on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide technical

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Microsoft Stops Cyber Attacks and Takes Down 50 Domains Operated By North Korean Hacking Group ‘Thallium’ 

Microsoft Corp said it has taken control of web domains operated by North Korean hacking group “Thallium” used in stealing sensitive information of users  based in the United States, as well

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Microsoft takes legal action against North Korean cybercrime group

Microsoft on Monday announced that it has taken legal action against a North Korean-based cybercrime group that was using websites and other domains to attack individuals and companies in the

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Microsoft Forms Now Automatically Blocks Confirmed Phishing

Microsoft is rolling out automatic blocking for repeated Microsoft Forms phishing attempts to boost the product’s security by stopping attackers from abusing forms and surveys to harvest sensitive data from their targets. Click

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Microsoft Warns of Spear Phishing Attacks, Shares Tips to Dodge Them

Microsoft today warned users of the dangers behind spear phishing attacks used by threat actors to target specific individuals, in their attempts to infect them with malware, harvest sensitive information,

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Microsoft says new Dexphot malware infected more than 80,000 computers

Microsoft security engineers detailed today a new malware strain that has been infecting Windows computers since October 2018 to hijack their resources to mine cryptocurrency and generate revenue for the


Microsoft Intune can now block unauthorized BYOD hardware

Microsoft has integrated third-party mobile threat defense (MTD) software with its Intune unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling corporate systems to detect when an employee’s unenrolled, smartphone or tablet has an app


BlueKeep attacks hitting Windows PCs now, six months after Microsoft’s patch

Attackers are finally using the so-called BlueKeep flaw in pre-Windows 10 machines. For now, the attackers are only delivering a cryptocurrency miner, but the payload could soon be ransomware. BlueKeep


Hackers Infect PCs With Cryptocurrency Miners Using BlueKeep Remote Desktop Security Flaw

Hackers attempting to mass-infect PC users with cryptocurrency miners have started exploiting the Windows BlueKeep vulnerability, as recently reported by BleepingComputer. The security flaw can impact the Remote Desktop Protocol of