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US Cybersecurity Agency Issues Emotet Warning

America’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning yesterday after observing an increase in the number of targeted cyber-attacks that utilize Emotet. Click here to view original webpage at www.infosecurity-magazine.com


The Surprising Truth About SMS Security

Have you heard of SIM swapping? The nasty form of attack was documented by ZDNet writer Matthew Miller last June, who detailed the horror show unfolding after he found his services had

Vendor News

Citrix Issues Urgent Fix For Critical Flaw—Here’s What To Do Next

Citrix has issued the first fix for a serious vulnerability that could allow attackers to perform arbitrary code execution via directory traversal. Click here to view original webpage at www.forbes.com

Industry Insights

Crime Cracking Technologies for the Dark Web

Global law enforcement agencies have developed some fascinating ways of busting criminals on the Dark Web. Here are some of the technical highlights. Click here to view original webpage at


What Is Spear Phishing and How to Protect Yourself From It

Ever received an email from the fictitious “Nigerian prince” who has so much wealth stashed someplace, but needs your help to retrieve it? By the way, this particular phishing scam

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Microsoft Stops Supporting Windows 7, Leaving Millions of Users at Risk of Cyberattacks

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 will stop today, January 14, 2020.  According to Microsoft, when Windows 7 reaches end of support on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide technical

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5 Threat Predictions for 2020: Are You Prepared?

With 2019’s headlines of ransomware, malware, and RDP attacks almost behind us, we shift our focus to the cybercrime threats ahead in 2020. Cybercriminals are increasing the complexity and volume of

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Cable Haunt Vulnerability Haunts Cable Modems Using Broadcom Chips

A vulnerability has threatened the online security of millions of cable modem users globally. Dubbed as ‘Cable Haunt’, the vulnerability affects cable modems and allows for remote attackers to take control


Cyber threats that use social engineering

Preventing the attack that weaponises human nature. Humans are hard-wired to connect and to trust. As infants, our survival is based on making social connections so we can obtain our

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US Restaurant Chain Landry Discloses POS Malware Attack

It hasn’t been a while that we heard of a wave of point-of-sale malware attacks across various US stores. However now, a US chain of restaurant and property Landry has