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Vulnerabilities in smart IP cameras expose users to privacy, security risks

Bitdefender has found new vulnerabilities in IoT cameras that are meant to be protecting people’s homes. The global smart camera market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8

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Is your organization getting physical security right?

For most organizations (and especially for tech companies), the physical security of data centers and headquarters is of the utmost importance. As Tim Roberts, a senior security consultant with NTT


Hacker AI vs. Enterprise AI: A New Threat

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being weaponized using the same logic and functionality that legitimate organizations use.The adversarial use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in malicious

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Cyber war is here, according to 87% of security professionals

A study from Venafi has concluded that the world is in the midst of a cyber war, with 72% of respondents believing nation-states have right to ‘hack back’ cybercriminals. The

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The Must-Haves for Your Data Center Cybersecurity Checklist

The cyberthreat landscape is changing faster than ever for data center managers. Cybercriminals pulled in record hauls last year from ransomware, business email compromise, and other nefarious schemes, and they’re


Loccess smart lock is vulnerable to BLE attacks

Loccess is a Bluetooth enabled padlock marketed as a lock to secure luggage, bicycles, and lockers. The lock could be exploited with a framework called bettercap, which is used by


Authentication Bypass Vulnerability: What is it and how to stay protected?

Organizations failing to enforce strong access policy and authentication controls could allow an attacker to bypass authentication. Attackers could also bypass the authentication mechanism by stealing the valid session IDs

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The Challenge of Real-Time Cyber Protection

There’s a huge imbalance between attackers and defenders when it comes to protecting the corporate network. Defenders must protect against a myriad of threats while an attacker only needs to


Ransomware Revenue Earning Does Not Match Infection Decline

There has been a decline in ransomware infections, but that does not mean that earned revenue has reduced for cyber-criminals. According to the third instalment of the Check Point 2019 Security

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Stranger Danger: Good Advice For Kids, Bad Advice For Global Cybersecurity

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2019 paints a bleak picture of the top threats facing our planet. Leading the list, and influencing everything that follows is the impact