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What is the challenge in embracing multi-factor authentication?

Only 20% of IBM mainframe customers are embracing multi-factor authentication to protect data and applications, according to findings from a new poll of 81 mainframe users conducted by Macro 4

Identity Theft

Don’t Let Privileged Accounts Be a Privilege to Outsiders

Privileged accounts are essential to businesses both big and small, but these accounts pose a greater security threat than meets the eye. Sometimes, clicking on a malicious link is all


Authentication Grows Up

Which forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA) are working, which are not, and where industry watchers think the market is headed. More people log into their devices and apps with smartphones

Cloud Software

Cloudy With a Chance of Cryptojacking

A growing trend amongst cyber-criminals is cloudjacking: the act of stealing processing and storage from someone else’s cloud account.  Many are combining this practice with cryptojacking to further boost their


How to master your passwords on all your devices

Although tech companies have long been predicting the death of the password, it seems as if we’re stuck with that as our main way of securing sites and software for


Moving beyond passwords: The new era of authentication

Businesses are questioning the centrality of passwords as a test of identity. With cyber-attacks on the rise at an alarming rate, simple password-based security measures are no longer fit for

Identity Theft

How did the TimeHop data breach happen?

Compromise of an employee’s credentials, lack of multi-factor authentication, and weak insider threat analysis all played a factor in the recent TimeHop data breach in which 21 million user accounts

Industry Insights

Cyber hygiene: Where do organizations fall behind on basics?

Tripwire released its State of Cyber Hygiene report, which examined how organisations are implementing security controls that the Center for Internet Security (CIS) refers to as cyber hygiene. The survey found


Spam Click Rates High, 2FA Use Low at Work

Organizations continue to be at risk from insider threats because they lack strong identity management solutions, whether it’s end users clicking on spam, issues with multifactor authentication (MFA), or companies keeping their


WatchGuard Launches AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication for SMBs

WatchGuard® Technologies  today unveiled AuthPoint – a cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The view that MFA has always been out of reach for SMBs due to