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5 Questions to Help Chart Your Course to Zero Trust Security

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses restricted employees from doing certain activities online. Despite spending most of their time on the road, sales teams but could only access customer


Security Of Enterprise Wireless Networks

Providing enterprise network security is becoming an increasingly complex undertaking, as the number of threats emanating from the Internet continues to grow. Hackers continue to find new ways to attack

Industry Insights

The Tech Trends That Will Shape 2019

With every passing year comes an exciting set of technological trends. Whether these are built around an entirely new idea or an upgrade to an existing technology, these trends bring


Best Practices for Choosing Good Security Questions

Security questions can add an extra layer of certainty to your authentication process. Security questions are an alternative way of identifying your customers when they have forgotten their password, entered

IT Compliance

Why User Names and Passwords Are Not Enough

Over the past few years, it’s become evident that attackers are no longer “hacking” to carry out data breaches ― they are simply logging in by exploiting weak, stolen, or


6 Best Practices For Increasing Security In AWS In A Zero Trust World

Enterprises are rapidly accelerating the pace at which they’re moving workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for greater cost, scale and speed advantages. And while AWS leads all others as


Accessibility Trumps Security in the Battle Between Authentication Alternatives

A new Ping Identity survey has revealed that simplicity wins out over security when it comes to authentication. Respondents to our recent survey knew what provided better security, but continued


How to Use Multi-Factor Authentication When You Don’t Have Cell Phone Access

Many security-minded businesses use multi-factor authentication to verify customers’ identities. The most familiar method is to send customers a code by SMS text message, which the customer then enters on


Passwordless Authentication is Finally on the Horizon

For years, we’ve been discussing the vulnerabilities of passwords and the need to ditch them for more robust and secure solutions. However as we leave 2018, we’ve still been hearing


What is the challenge in embracing multi-factor authentication?

Only 20% of IBM mainframe customers are embracing multi-factor authentication to protect data and applications, according to findings from a new poll of 81 mainframe users conducted by Macro 4