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Security Spills: 9 Problems Causing the Most Stress

Security practitioners reveal what’s causing them the most frustration in their roles. Cybersecurity isn’t an easy gig. It’s tough to keep track of the most stressful problems because adversaries are


Pepper IoT: Smart devices aren’t so bright when it comes to security

Smart devices aren’t very intelligent when it comes to protecting user privacy and handling security, according to a report by Internet of Things platform and service provider Pepper IoT and cybersecurity

IT Compliance

Cybersecurity Experts Share Insight For Data Privacy Day 2019

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance—but what is an appropriate gift for Data Privacy Day? Perhaps an encrypted portable drive? That might not be a bad idea, but what I have

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So, You Wanna Be A Security Star?

There are over 350,000 security analyst job openings currently available and many have starting salaries in the six-digits. On top of that, organizations are struggling to find good security analysts

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Should enterprises delay efforts to remediate most vulnerabilities?

Companies today appear to have the resources needed to address all of their high-risk vulnerabilities. The research demonstrates that companies are getting smarter in how they protect themselves from today’s

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Is Security The Loser As Open Banking Takes Hold?

Open Banking is a series of reforms, brought in by the Competition and Markets Authority, which address how banks deal with consumer financial information. It emerged alongside a new regulation

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Don’t go once more unto the breach: fix those policy configuration mistakes

Asher Benbenisty at AlgoSec examines four common security policy errors, and shows how organisations can avoid them.As security threats become more and more advanced, managing your network’s defences correctly has

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What Are The Black Friday Security Threats And How Can Organisations Avoid Them?

As Black Friday approaches, what are the security threats and how can organisations and consumers avoid them? Black Friday, and the following Cyber Monday, represent that time of year when


The greatest mobile security threats facing enterprises

To diminish threats on unsecured networks, enterprises can take the following action. As mobile device access for workers has increased, so have the potential security threats. All it takes is

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Stay Ahead of Security Threats: Focusing on Your High-Risk Assets

As your organization’s IT landscape expands and traditional boundaries dissolve, it can be difficult to identify high-risk devices, applications, and users in order to develop a remediation plan. Your enterprise