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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats to Enterprises in 2020

Businesses are facing unique threats both externally and internally, and modern cybersecurity must meet the challenge.Cybersecurity is arguably the biggest challenge facing IT departments today. Click here to view original

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Only a quarter of Irish firms confident about cybersecurity

Three in four Irish organisations are worried about cyber threats, a new survey from Microsoft has revealed, with only one in four saying they are confident they can respond effectively to a

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Quantum Technology 2020 Trends: These Are The Immediate Security Threats And Opportunities

IDC analysts predicted that quantum computing will bring competitive advantage to 25 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies by 2023. Also during that same timeframe, Gartner researchers expected 20 percent of organizations

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2020 – An Opportunity in Counterintelligence and Deception

Using deception as a counter-tactic against cyber-criminals has so far met with success in our cyberwarfare against those who mean us harm. By building a house of a billion mirrors,

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Search for next Australian Cyber Security Centre chief begins

The Australian Signals Directorate has begun searching for a new chief to take charge of the country’s peak technical cyber security authority, the Australian Cyber Security Centre. Click here to


New Year’s Resolutions: Cybersecurity Goals For 2020 And Beyond

Looking back at 2019 and earlier, it’s clear that businesses have struggled to build effective cybersecurity programs. Now that 2020 is here, the days when a couple of security engineers


Why 2020 should be the year of public sector cybersecurity training

Public sector organisations cannot risk a cyberattack, and training is one of the best ways to prevent this. In 2020, organisations across the U.K. public sector should reprioritise their security


Why Lacking Skills for Cybersecurity Is Becoming a Much Bigger Deal

SMBs lacking skills for cybersecurity are facing a fresh onslaught of automated threats. Small businesses often lack the IT staffing resources and expertise that are commonly found in larger organizations.


Monitoring multi-cloud environments

In today’s fast-growth, faster-results market, customers expect applications to be consistently available and up-to-date — which is often easier said than done. Meeting that demand often involves migrating to the

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Study Unveils 2020 Travel Risks & Country Medical/Safety Ratings

Heightened security threats, civil unrest and geopolitical instability are expected to be top disruptors to the mobile workforce in 2020, says a new study by International SOS. The company’s Travel Risk