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Indicators of poor password hygiene exposed

The recovered compromised credentials and personally identifiable information (PII) as well as the identified trends in online security habits and the data criminals tend to steal and use, have been


Dating App Says Stolen Data Was Sold on Dark Web

In the aftermath of multiple reports that millions of stolen records were dumped on the dark web, the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel confirmed that the accounts of approximately six million users


Best Practices for Choosing Good Security Questions

Security questions can add an extra layer of certainty to your authentication process. Security questions are an alternative way of identifying your customers when they have forgotten their password, entered


Hacker behind Collection #1 credential database identified

The threat actor was believed to be working on this breach for over two to three years. Known by the pseudonym ‘C0rpz’, it was hinted that there was more than

Artificial Intelligence

Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

Two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack that led to a system failure. The hospitals could not process any emergency patient requests. Hence,

IT Compliance

Why User Names and Passwords Are Not Enough

Over the past few years, it’s become evident that attackers are no longer “hacking” to carry out data breaches ― they are simply logging in by exploiting weak, stolen, or


Most IT Pros Share and Reuse Passwords: Report

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of IT professionals are more concerned about data privacy and security than they were two years ago, but their poor online practices continue to drive cyber-risk, according


What steps consumers need to take to protect themselves online

Yesterday was Data Privacy Day, so McAfee warned consumers that cybercriminals are continuing to access personal information through weak passwords, phishing emails, connected things, malicious apps and unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Consumers


How privacy and security concerns affect password practices

Yubico announced the results of the company’s 2019 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, who surveyed 1,761 IT and IT security practitioners in


Two-Factor Authentication Might Not Keep You Safe

The online security “best practice” is still vulnerable to phishing attacks. Here’s how two-factor authentication is supposed to work: You log in to your bank account or email inbox, and