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Cyber security for IoT and edge computing

The internet of things has its own unique cybersecurity considerations, as for cyber security and Edge computing, there are a lot of unknowns. It’s almost an afterthought. According to Ben


Cyber Security Today – October cyber security awareness month, ransomware statistics and lots of security updates to watch out for

October cyber security awareness month, ransomware statistics and lots of security updates to watch out for. Welcome to Cyber Security Today. It’s Wednesday October 2nd, I’m Howard Solomon, contributing reporter

Identity Theft

Dunkin’ Sued for Keeping Data Breach Secret

New York is suing Dunkin’ for allegedly failing to inform its customers of multiple cyber-attacks that compromised customer accounts. According to the lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, money was stolen by

Identity Theft

Employees are mistakenly confident that they can spot phishing emails

While a majority (79%) of people say they are able to distinguish a phishing message from a genuine one, nearly half (49%) also admit to having clicked on a link

Hardware/Network IT Compliance

Regulations are driving innovation toward an identity layer on the Internet

The security community often points to the inherent lack of an encryption layer on the Internet as a factor behind many of the related threat vectors. The decentralized nature of


The Future of Passwords

There’s an old Popeye cartoon where the famous sailor with massive forearms stands outside a cave that’s blocked by a giant boulder, and he yells, “Open Says-Me.” “Open sesame” wordplay


How passwords paved the way for new technology

On July 15 we lost a major contributor to modern-day IT security – Dr. Fernando Corbato, the inventor of the password. Back in the early 1950s, computers could only do

Identity Theft

Hostinger Breach Prompts Reset of All User Passwords

A data breach at web hosting company Hostinger has prompted the company to reset the passwords of all its customers.  Hostinger, which operates from Kaunas, Lithuania, reset the passwords of 29 million

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity is Failing—Time for a Reset?

“Cybersecurity spending is the fastest-growing segment in IT budgets, but it provides  productivity gains or protection against more advanced exploits.”  I do not support the first claim of “no productivity


How to evaluate a password management solution for business

Password managers are one of the most powerful defenses against breaches, which can cause massive damage and be incredibly expensive to mitigate. According to the Ponemon Institutes’ 2019 Password and Authentication