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Poor Password Management is Hurting Businesses Hard

Many firms are wasting a lot of time and money changing passwords. Every year, businesses in the United Kingdom spend more than two months resetting different passwords, which costs them

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Cyber Security: Your Business Needs Protection Now

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the City of Washington, Pennsylvania experienced a malware cyber attack — one that shut down their phone and email system for more than one week.


Ransomware and malware attacks decline, attackers adopting covert tactics

There has been a major decline in ransomware and malware attacks, with Ireland having some of the lowest rates globally, according to the latest report released by Microsoft. This is



Beware of an emerging security threat: Credential stuffing. This involves bots making high-volume login attempts with stolen user credentials to execute catastrophic account hijacking and takeovers. A credential stuffing attack forced


Tips to spring clean your company’s social media and stay protected

With springtime comes warmer weather, sunnier days, and—somewhat inexplicably—the urge to purge. And while many will budget extra time to clear out closets or downsize their collection of coffee table books,


Despite warnings, most people still don’t change their passwords

64% of people use the same password for some, or even all, of their online accounts, while only 21% use a different password for each account. These startling findings come from a


6 cybersecurity tips for passwords: Fortinet

Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions has come up with six essential cybersecurity tips that can protect the users, their devices, personal and corporate data


Cybercriminals thriving on companies overlooking fundamental security requirements

IT leaders in the United States are putting business data at risk by not effectively managing employees’ passwords, according to OneLogin research. Despite the fact that 91% report they have

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Cyber Security Roundup for April 2019

The UK government controversially gave a green light to Huawei get involved with the building of the UK’s 5G networks, although the Chinese tech giant role will be limited to non-sensitive areas of the network,


The role of size when it comes to the security and usability of the biometric fingerprint sensor

A lack of knowledge about fingerprint sensor size is threatening to undermine the biometric revolution.There is no denying the fingerprint biometric payment smart card is reaching its inflection point. In