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EternalGlue: Using NotPetya as a Testing Tool

When it hit in July 2017, the attack we now know as NotPetya seemed to have been eclipsed by the WannaCry ransomware, which hit some six weeks earlier. In fact,

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How SMBs can bring their security testing on par with larger enterprises

What are the challenges of securing small and medium-sized enterprises vs. larger ones? And how can automated, continuous security testing help shrink the gap? When studying the differences between cyber

Identity Theft

Breach leads motor assessor to boost cyber security

Motor loss assessing firm AAMC says it is boosting its cyber security after an unauthorized breach affected part of its systems. “[We] have conducted a subsequent, extensive penetration test with

Identity Theft

Are SMEs ready to finally combat cyber security breaches?

SMEs are spending little on cyber security as compared to the overall IT budget. Around 86 percent of SMEs have less than 10 percent of their total IT budget allocated


SAST: Beginning at the End

It’s easy to start security by beginning at the end – using external, late-cycle, full-system testing such as penetration testing (I might call this something like DevTestOpsSec). This testing is