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Artificial Intelligence

Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity?

Thanks to the quickening pace of natural language capability development, artificial intelligence will likely be at the forefront of the next wave of cybersecurity tools.boc. Every time you connect to

IT Compliance Mobile

Organizations are Advancing their Efforts, Investing in OT Cybersecurity Programs

ICS cybersecurity threats remain high and present evolving challenges, a new SANS report reveals. However, since the last SANS OT/ICS report released in 2017, a growing majority of organizations have


The Role of Data in Managing Application Risk

Managing application risk has a lot to do with managing data. To mitigate application risks, it’s necessary to gather data from heterogeneous and sometimes far-flung sources—data about assets, vulnerabilities, business


Protecting Service Revenue from Hackers: Cybersecurity for Connected Maintenance Apps

Industry 4.0 has already created a raft of exciting opportunities for manufacturers and predictive maintenance is a great example of this. With the benefits of increased connectivity and real-time data

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AppSec: The Case for Automation

By John Matthew Holt – Founder, Chief Technology Officer at  Waratek, The AppSec community is divided over automation. There’s the old school belief that programmers should manually fix all their


5 cyber security trends for 2019

Promoted by Keypath education.  Cyber security is increasing in importance for members of the public and business owners alike. Discover five trends that you really need to know. Norton Security


Cloud security: What every tech leader needs to know

Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost savings and easy integration. Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost


Blockchain Useful, Not Without Issues, Says ISF

The Information Security Forum (ISF) released its latest briefing paper, Blockchain and Security: Safety in Numbers, which identifies security issues associated with developing and deploying blockchain applications. The organization’s latest briefing paper is


Supply chain attacks: Mitigation and protection

In software development, a supply chain attack is typically performed by inserting malicious code into a code dependency or third-party service integration. Unlike typical cyber attacks, supply chain attacks provide two major


Supply Chain Attacks: When Things Go Wrong

Ongoing digital transformation is pushing business of all sectors to bring to market highly innovative digital products. As development teams are pushed to develop advanced applications in record time, using