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Cyber Security For Startups: A Step-By-Step Guide

2019 has been a total disaster regarding security considerations. According to a report published by Risk Based Security (via Forbes), there were more than 3,800 reported breaches during the first half of the

IT Compliance

As consumers engage with insurance companies online, new types of digital fraud emerge

 As more U.S. consumers use digital platforms when engaging with insurance companies, new fraud challenges are likely to arise for insurance carriers, according to TransUnion and iovation. Click here to view original


Facebook Suspends Tens of Thousands of Apps

Facebook has removed tens of thousands of apps from hundreds of developers as the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues. In March last year it was revealed that the

Expert Articles

4 Best Cybersecurity Hacks for Businesses and Customers

By Kelly Wilson – Content Writer at Liberty Lending, Today, we all transact online, shop; buy movie tickets, pay bills, transfer funds, and businesses make bigger transactions on the internet.

Cloud Identity Theft

Behind The Data Breach: Understanding Cloud Security And Misconfigurations

Many breaches occurring today are applications that reside in the cloud. We often hear the cause is a misconfiguration on the customer side. So, what can be done to aid


The Future of Passwords

There’s an old Popeye cartoon where the famous sailor with massive forearms stands outside a cave that’s blocked by a giant boulder, and he yells, “Open Says-Me.” “Open sesame” wordplay

Industry Insights

Android “Ghost Click” Apps, New Apple Siri Privacy Protections, Credit Card Spying

You’re listening to the Shared Security Podcast, exploring the trust you put in people, apps, and technology…with your host, Tom Eston.  In episode 84 for September 2nd 2019: “Ghost click”

Vendor News

Cybersecurity Vendor That Protects Firms From Data Breaches Hit by Data Breach

You know it’s a bad day for cybersecurity when a leading provider of internet firewall services that helps safeguard websites from malicious attacks suffers from a security breach of its

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity is Failing—Time for a Reset?

“Cybersecurity spending is the fastest-growing segment in IT budgets, but it provides  productivity gains or protection against more advanced exploits.”  I do not support the first claim of “no productivity


Malicious Android App Makes Double Debut On Google Play

Open-source Android spyware has appeared twice on Google Play. Research conducted by ESET discovered the first known instance of spyware based on the open-source espionage tool AhMyth lurking within a radio app available on