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DevSecOps: Fast development without sacrificing safety

DevOps has been a boon to companies looking to shorten the systems development cycle, pushing software developers and IT operations to work together and help their enterprises fulfil their business

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What’s in a cybersecurity question? Getting to the root of cyber insights

The day to day practice of cybersecurity is based around asking questions. How do I secure my applications? How do I protect my data’s integrity? How do I manage storage


Clouded Vision: How A Lack Of Visibility Drives Cloud Security Risk

Enterprises continue to migrate to the cloud with many using their cloud environments to support mission critical applications. According to RightScale, enterprises are on average running 38 percent of their workloads


Identity-Defined Security is Critical in a Digital Transformation World

In an economy driven by information, data has always been every organization’s most important asset, and cyber-criminals know this, which is why they almost always start an attack by compromising

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The security challenges that come with serverless computing

Serverless computing (aka Function-as-a-Service) has been a boon to many enterprises: it simplifies the code development and deployment processes while improving utilization of server resources, minimizing costs and reducing security


Bridging The Gap Between Speed And Security In DevOps

Remember the famous engineering project triangle? It calls on organizations to forgo one of the following traits in exchange for a product development cycle to have the other two attributes:


Web-based Application Security Part 1: Open Redirection Vulnerability

Web application security, which applies specifically to the security of websites, web applications and web services, is increasingly becoming a top priority for organizations worldwide. To understand why, consider that one


5 Ways To Demystify Zero Trust Security

Instead of only relying on security vendors’ claims about Zero Trust, benchmark them on a series of five critical success factors instead, with customer results being key. Analytics dashboards dominated

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Big tech poised to beat healthcare in reaping value from artificial intelligence, report says

Artificial intelligence will expose inefficiencies, improve medical decision-making and increase the quality of care, according to a new report from Boston Consulting Group. But the report also warned that companies

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Serverless, shadow APIs and Denial of Wallet attacks

In this Help Net Security podcast, Doug Dooley, Chief Operating Officer at Data Theorem, discusses serverless computing, a new area that both DevOps leaders and enterprise security leaders are having