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EternalGlue: Using NotPetya as a Testing Tool

When it hit in July 2017, the attack we now know as NotPetya seemed to have been eclipsed by the WannaCry ransomware, which hit some six weeks earlier. In fact,


4 Ways You Can Get More Out of Penetration Testing

Are your security controls adequate to protect your organization? The security measures you put in place last year, or even last month, are likely inept under today’s growing increase of

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Application Security: Only As Good As the Company You Keep

By John Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Waratek, According to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, in the near future “every business will become a software business.” By leveraging the right

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Most IT pros find red team exercises more effective than blue team testing

More than one-third of security professionals’ defensive blue teams fail to catch offensive red teams, a study from Exabeam reveals. The survey, conducted at Black Hat USA 2019, also showed that

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A point-in-time approach to risk management is no longer effective

Among organizations that engage third parties to provide business services, 83% identified third-party risks after conducting due diligence and before recertification, according to Gartner. Gartner’s survey of more than 250 legal and

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The case for continuous automated security validation

Organizations must truly understand their vulnerabilities at all times to make the right risk mitigation decisions. Continuous automated security validation can provide that.Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu is quoted as


Internet Safety – The Unforgotten Mass Of Small Users

Living in the age of Cyber Adversity in which the risks from on-line hackers, criminals, cyber-miscreants, not to mention those foes who exist in the guise of service providers wishing to exploit our

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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery – Hoping for the Best, Prepared for the Worst, and Unsurprised by Anything in Between

As a member of the IT team for Reed Exhibitions United States for the past five years, starting as a help desk analyst and now, a security analyst, I have

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How to Get Cybersecurity Right in 2019

For many years now, the speed of revenue growth and tooling in the cybercrime market has exceeded the rate of investment in cybersecurity. According to various estimates, the global proceeds

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Security testing costs: How can your business cut them?

Security testing costs are, in protecting critical assets, too expensive. However, a new platform promises to slash £6.6 billion of the cost’Unless something changes, businesses will be forced to cut