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Phishing Attack Strikes UnityPoint Health

Iowa’s UnityPoint Health reported that it was the victim of a phishing attack, saying the attack put the sensitive information of 1.4 million patients at risk, according to local news media KCCI. The public

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From National Security to Cybersecurity

In an effort to address the growing skills gap in the cybersecurity industry, a team of former Royal Marines Commandos have launched a business providing free cybersecurity training, accredited qualifications

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Organizations Operating in the Digital World Need Multiple Layers of Defense

If cyber attacks seem to be escalating, it’s because they are. Every day seems to bring news of yet another major data breach, and increasingly it’s happening to to big


Designing Employee Security Awareness Training That Works

Enterprises spend nearly $100 billion a year on cybersecurity, and despite sophisticated IT security defenses, one weak link – employees – remains a major vulnerability. Many attacks are stopped by firewalls, endpoint security

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Security Culture has to be Intentional and Sustainable

Let’s get straight to the point: your security culture is – and will always be – a subcomponent of your larger organizational culture. In other words, you have to weave

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Reduce breach risk and costs with security resilience

Companies must prepare for when a breach occurs – because chances are, it will happen. Ixia’s Keith Bromley says network security resilience can help.In cybersecurity circles, there’s a common axiom

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GDPR: Don’t Rest on Your Data, We’ve Only Just Begun

As you’ve discovered if you’ve been wading through GDPR preparations for the past year or so, this is not a set-it-and-forget it regulation. With its focus on individual data privacy

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Security at the Speed of Business

Agile security at the speed of business is simply a concept where security is thought of as part of the design from end to end. Otherwise, systems must be patched,

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Why is the Lucrative Cybersecurity Field still Struggling to Hook Prospective Practitioners?

The belief that the field of cybersecurity offers individuals job security and above average pay has become generally accepted in today’s interconnected world. These beliefs are bolstered by hard facts,


Prepare or Repair: Pointers for Both Sides of a Ransomware Attack

You need no convincing — report after report confirms the same — as do the headlines. Ransomware attacks are increasing, getting more sophisticated and sparing no industry. The latest Verizon Data