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Prepare or Repair: Pointers for Both Sides of a Ransomware Attack

You need no convincing — report after report confirms the same — as do the headlines. Ransomware attacks are increasing, getting more sophisticated and sparing no industry. The latest Verizon Data

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Public Cyber Security Awareness

As a Security industry, we, as, what may be referred to as Cyber Security Professionals tend to engage in multiple inter-industry conversations with those who have been anointed into the

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Are you ready for a security breach?

Network forensics can help your business correctly identify the source of a security breach. Enterprise security teams have historically spent most of their time, human resources and money on defenses


Attacking hard disk drives using ultrasonic sounds

Another group of researchers has demonstrated that hard disk drives (HDDs) can be interfered with through sound waves, but they’ve also shown that ultrasonic signals (i.e., sounds inaudible to the


The Growing Threat Of Phishing Attacks Outside Of Email

Social engineering attacks are usually associated with deceptive phishing emails in which the victim is tempted to click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment to help an


How to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats

An advanced persistent threat can be as scary as it sounds. Gone undetected in an enterprise, these network breaches can lead to fraud, intellectual property theft or a headline-grabbing data


Fighting Fire With Fire: AI’s Role in Cybersecurity

Last year, it was predicted by Gartner that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be implemented in almost every new software product by 2020. As AI capabilities grow at a rapid pace, such technologies

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Retailers could increase annual revenue by as much as 5% by investing in cybersecurity measures that shoppers trust

A new report by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute has revealed that cybersecurity is a new source of competitive advantage for retailers. It calls for more organizations to align cybersecurity policies


Who wants to go threat hunting?

I’ve been a lot of things in my professional career including paramedic, accountant, computer trainer, PC/network technician, VP of IT, consultant and writer. The most enjoyable job I ever had


It’s time to wake up to the cloud malware threat

It’s only a matter of time before criminals exploit our over-reliance on SaaS. Cloud-based malware is a real and present danger – and it can spread through an organisation like