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A History of Defense-in-Depth; and the Evolution of Data Sharing

We need a new way to manage access to data. No, not because the “good guys” are losing to Advanced Persistent Threats, nation-state attackers, or whatever term we use to

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Breach and Attack Simulation: Find Vulnerabilities before the Bad Guys Do

Despite having deployed multiple solutions to create a defense in depth and having followed all the industry best practices, some of the very best IT security directors will confess that

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Organizations need to shift strategies, adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity

The cybersecurity market has reached a point whereby organisations need to shift their strategies and have a new, proactive approach to their cybersecurity, according to a report by 451 Research. The report

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Cybersecurity Research Shows Risks Continue to Rise

Research is at the center of the cybersecurity industry, with a steady stream of reports that highlight weaknesses in cyber defenses and potential solutions. Last week was a particularly busy

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Q&A: The state of cyber security

Founder of CyberHive David Blundell discusses the current state of cyber security. In many sectors IT professionals have an outdated outlook.They often see their role in cyber security as maintaining

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How to create a Hall of Fame caliber cybersecurity playbook

Whether the sport is football, basketball or hockey, all the best coaches have playbooks and reports with the latest information on opponents. They study the playing field and never go

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The 3 Most Powerful Types of Threat Information Sharing – and How to Stay Compliant

 When it comes to IT security, the unknowns impose the greatest threat. Luckily, many types of threats are very much on the cybersecurity radar. Institutions and organizations who pay attention

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There are no real shortcuts to most security problems

For Xerox Chief Information Security Officer Dr. Alissa Johnson, human ingenuity, partnerships and automation are the answer to most security problems the company has encountered and might yet encounter. “The

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12 things every IT security professional should know

Fighting the good fight takes specialized knowledge. Here’s the baseline of what all security pros should know. Click here to view original webpage at www.csoonline.com


Say Goodbye to Passwords, the Future of Authentication is Here

It has been clear for a while now that passwords no longer provide the user experience or security needed for consumers today. Take the fact that a few months ago,