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Cybersecurity is urgently needed, say experts

Asked if they anticipated a cyber attack causing large-scale loss of life within the next 20 years, four of the five experts sitting on a cybersecurity panel at the Seoul


DoD unveils new cybersecurity certification model for contractors

Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. The Defense Department sees its new certification model, which it unveiled to


Most citizens are against local governments paying ransomware attackers

Nearly 80% of US citizens are increasingly worried about ransomware attacks on cities – yet more than half are still hesitant to have city governments put forth the funds to fight off

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AI, Cybersecurity, & The Data Trap: You Don’t Know Normal

“How do I even know what’s normal and what’s abnormal so I can detect anomalies? We simply don’t know,” says Dean Souleles, chief technology advisor for the Director of National

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Red teaming: Why a forward offense is the best defense

Companies are under constant threat. Opportunistic attackers scan the internet for weak points, motivated attackers target specific organizations for susceptibility to a scam or digital exploit, and persistent attackers don’t


5 experimental cybersecurity trends your business needs to know about

These early-stage security trends have not yet seen widespread adoption, but may in the near future, according to CB Insights. Cybersecurity is becoming a major priority across all industries, as

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What’s the State of Cybersecurity?

Our digital economy depends on secure data; effective cybersecurity is critical to the functioning of governments, finance, infrastructure, business, and individuals. Thomas Glocer has been helping to fend off cyber

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Cybersecurity Risk: What does a ‘reasonable’ posture entail and who says so?

Do you know where your data is? Is it “reasonably well” protected?  With data breaches making daily headlines, and hackers developing innovative methods to penetrate cyber defenses, businesses must contemplate


Protect Your Organization Against Password Spraying

Password spraying, unlike traditional brute force attacks, often stays under the radar. Instead of targeting a single account with multiple password guesses, password spraying uses a high-probability password against multiple

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Are SMEs ready to finally combat cyber security breaches?

SMEs are spending little on cyber security as compared to the overall IT budget. Around 86 percent of SMEs have less than 10 percent of their total IT budget allocated