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Application Security: Only As Good As the Company You Keep

By John Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Waratek, According to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, in the near future “every business will become a software business.” By leveraging the right


Digital transformation helps companies work smarter yet makes them vulnerable to breaches

While digital transformation helps companies work smarter, there is a risk that the ongoing digitization may unlock a host of security vulnerabilities that can cost companies money, time, intellectual property, and customer

Identity Theft

Protecting your organization against privileged identity theft

What do the top data breaches of the 21st century have in common? Privileged identity abuse. In these breach instances, well-resourced, external actors were able to gain the credentials of

Identity Theft

What Capital One Got Wrong (and Right) After the Breach

The Capital One breach and the need for communications. With over 106 million customers and applicants’ personal data exposed, the Capital One breach is one of the biggest breaches of

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5 Ways How Big Data Helps to Fight Cybersecurity Threat

By Christopher Roberts – Business Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced, In the online world where information has become a currency, modern businesses and organizations are required to go through

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Breach leads motor assessor to boost cyber security

Motor loss assessing firm AAMC says it is boosting its cyber security after an unauthorized breach affected part of its systems. “[We] have conducted a subsequent, extensive penetration test with

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Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?

We explore the options of who should be in charge of this increasingly important area. An organisation without a cyber security strategy is an organisation with the door open for trouble to

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IT managers are struggling to keep up with cyberattacks

Businesses are being attacked from all sides, and with all kinds of weapons. IT experts are being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of cyberattacks hitting businesses today, new research has claimed.A report

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Privacy and Data Protection in Multimedia Apps

The mobile application (app) ecosystem has emerged to become one of the biggest global industries. Multimedia apps continue to be the most used form of communication and have not just

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The Rise of Employee Monitoring: Ensuring Security without Sacrificing Trust

Insider threat has become one the biggest risks to businesses globally, accounting for 64% of security breaches today. With the average cost to resolve insider-related incidents reaching $2.08m per incident, it should come as