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Rutter’s store chain discloses security breach involving POS malware

Security breach impacts locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. US store chain Rutter’s disclosed a security breach today. The company says hackers gained access to its stores’ network system and


In 2019, a Total of 7,098 Reported Breaches Exposed 15.1 Billion Records

In total, there were over 15.1 billion records exposed shattering industry projections. There were 7,098 breaches reported in 2019, a 1% increase on 2018, though the gap is anticipated to

Industry Insights

Taking Its Toll: Toll Shuts Down IT Systems Citing Cyber-Security Incident

We have our first large scale data breach of the decade. Toll, a transport and logistics network which delivers up to 95 million items globally every year, has temporarily shut

Vendor News

Online Pharmacy PlanetDrugsDirect Discloses Security Breach

Canadian online pharmacy PlanetDrugsDirect is emailing customers, notifying them of a data security incident that might have impacted some of their sensitive personal and financial information. Click here to view


The biggest cyber security threats facing charities in 2020

Cyber security threats are a growing danger for charities of all sizes. With the threat only becoming more severe, we take a look at the biggest threats facing charities in

Vendor News

US Restaurant Chain Landry Discloses POS Malware Attack

It hasn’t been a while that we heard of a wave of point-of-sale malware attacks across various US stores. However now, a US chain of restaurant and property Landry has


Why CMO Should Know About Cybersecurity?

Apart from configuring cybersecurity measures, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) needs to be responsible for taking up cybersecurity practices within their organization. Cybersecurity breaches often coincide with the fact that

Identity Theft

One Day, Three Credit Card Data Breach Notifications

On the same day this week, two restaurants and a convenience store, all with locations across the U.S., disclosed security breach incidents that may have enabled attackers to steal customer


Healthcare spikes data breach fever, endpoint threat detections grow 60%

The healthcare industry has been overwhelmingly targeted by Trojan malware during the last year, which increased by 82 percent in Q3 2019 over the previous quarter, according to Malwarebytes. The two most


Only 47% of cybersecurity pros are prepared to deal with attacks on their IoT devices

Fewer than half (47%) of cybersecurity professionals have a plan in place to deal with attacks on their IoT devices and equipment, despite that fact that nine out of ten express concerns