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New Threat Report Highlights Concerning Malware Trends

The internet is a virtually limitless resource of information, entertainment, education and more. Many of our day-to-day routines and tasks rely on computers, mobile devices and the internet. Unfortunately, thanks


A first quarter look at cybercrime

What did we learn about cybercrime in the first quarter of 2018? Malicious cryptomining has taken over and it’s leaving all other malware families behind.There’s no question 2017 was a


Cryptominers displace ransomware as the number one threat

During the first three months of 2018, cryptominers surged to the top of detected malware incidents, displacing ransomware as the number one threat, Comodo’s Global Malware Report Q1 2018 has


Mitigating Digital Risk from the Android PC in Your Pocket

Security Teams Must Prioritize Risk Mitigation Against Android MalwareFew of us could have imagined that a device that allows us to talk to anyone from anywhere at any time would

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DevOps Security Watch: Three Trends To Track In 2018

In the face of incessant competition, countless organizations are turning to DevOps to improve efficiency and accelerate innovation. While this approach delivers proven benefits, DevOps is also creating new security

Industry Insights

Intelligence sharing is crucial in the fight against cybercrime

Malware variants previously focused on the financial sector are now successfully attacking non-banking targets, according to Blueliv. A higher level of collaboration and intelligence-sharing between industries is ever-more crucial in


2018 Ransomware Trends

Ransomware worked well for so long because bad guys made money, and made money quickly from ransomware campaigns. Starting in 2017 and continuing to 2018 there has a been a

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Why Data Security Should Be at the Top of Every Retailer’s Shopping List

Over the weekend, I was shopping in a popular high street store when I was asked for my email address to receive a receipt. Slightly taken aback, I declined and

IT Compliance

Warning of GDPR extortion attempts from strategic cyber criminals

Cyber security roundup report from Trend Micro has revealed a growth in targeted, strategic, money-making attacks against those firms looking to implement GDPR. Trend Micro detected more than 45.6 million


Security-as-a-Service Bolsters Customer Satisfaction

Communications service providers (CSPs), which have notoriously poor customer satisfaction ratings as an industry, can bolster loyalty by delivering security-as-a-service for mobile devices, research has revealed.According to Allot Communications’ latest