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USB threat vector trends and implications for industrial operators

In an attempt to make industrial control systems less accessible to attackers, industrial players are limiting network access and increasingly using USB media devices to transfer patches, updates and files

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6 Security Trends for 2018/2019

Speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, analyst Peter Firstbrook’s list of trends is likely to inform executive committee conversations for the next 12 months. ORLANDO — Some 9,000 executives are gathered

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Has your corporate network been weaponised? Island hopping can compromise your brand and your country

By Rick McElroy – Security Strategist at  Carbon Black Since the dawn of the internet geopolitical tension has been the harbinger of increased cyberattacks. Over the years we have witnessed

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How to create a Hall of Fame caliber cybersecurity playbook

Whether the sport is football, basketball or hockey, all the best coaches have playbooks and reports with the latest information on opponents. They study the playing field and never go

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What can we do to reverse the cybersecurity skills shortage?

An ever widening cybersecurity skills gap is making comprehensive cyber security protection – based on a combination of the latest tools and internal expertise – unaffordable for many organizations. “This issue isn’t


Trend Micro Survey Finds IoT Deployment Decisions Made Without Consulting Security Teams

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today revealed that organizations around the world are exposing themselves to unnecessary cyber risk by failing to give IT security teams


Why data loss prevention is a throwback technology

Times are changing, and traditional cybersecurity tools are no longer enough to protect an organization’s assets. Black Hat 2018 may be behind us, but the trends, conversations and news coming

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The anatomy of fake news: Rise of the bots

Spreading misinformation has become a mainstream topic to the extent that even the term ‘Twitter bot’ is a well-recognised term establishing itself into the modern lexicon. Whilst the term is

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Random Acts Of Cybersecurity

Several years ago, I met one of the most impressive students I’ve ever had the chance to work with. When I talked with him, I could tell there were a


SaaS Data Protection Trends in the Tech Industry

As we enter into the third quarter of 2018, the Spanning data security, product and engineering teams took stock of how the year is shaping up for organizations in terms