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Industry Insights

Lastline Reveals Predictions and Trends For the 2018 Cyberthreat Landscape

By Noe Sacoco Jr -PM director at Lastline, Company predicts continued rise in cybercrime will be met with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning as emerging methods to counteract

IT Compliance

Trend Micro: GDPR Chiefs Need to Clarify “State of the Art”

Trend Micro has called on regulatory bodies to provide greater clarity on a key part of the EU GDPR, after a new survey highlighted confusion among global organizations on what


Hackers use organizations’ resources for stealthy cryptocurrency mining

Hackers lusting after cryptocurrency but not wanting to spend money to buy it or mine it are targeting users wallets, computers, popular Web sites and public cloud computing environments.Mining software/malware


Despite Publicity, Database Misconfigurations Grow Voluminous

Amidst a rash of database misconfiguration incidents, a report from the RedLock Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) team has found that 53% of organizations using cloud storage services such as Amazon


The Internet of Things: Success or bust? – Information Age

The Internet of Things is beginning to transform how a range of industries operate. The increasing volume of data flowing through these internet-connected devices is growing every day, influencing decisions

Industry Insights

Ransomware Attacks ‘Double’ As Nation State Weapons Fall Into Hands Of Hackers – Silicon UK

Grim reading…Malware is growing, adware mutating, and sophisticated ‘nation state’ tools are being used by low-level hackers Security specialists Check Point has painted a fairly grim picture of the cyber

Industry Insights

PandaLabs Records a 40% Increase in Attacked Devices this Quarter – IT SECURITY GURU

In their quarterly report, PandaLabs, the Security Operations Center at Panda Security, presents a rundown of the three most harrowing months in cybersecurity in recent years. The Quarter in Numbers


Cloud Security Fears Center on Data Protection – Infosecurity Magazine

While cloud adoption is on the rise, the top concern for security professionals is how to secure data in the cloud and protect against data loss (48%). According to Alert


Cloud security: Trends and strategy – CIO

Cloud computing can generate mixed feelings. Corporate leaders generally welcome technologies that produce efficiency, agility and speed. Cloud services deliver those benefits, yet many are concerned about security, even while

Industry Insights

Cyber Security Trends: A Look at the First Half of 2017 – HuffPost

In January, we took a look at some of the cyber security trends we thought would dominate the upcoming year. And guess what? They’re happening. Attacks within the Internet of