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How to manage the double-edged sword of the cloud

The digital transformation that’s sweeping across many different industries is one that requires rich and quick data to enable organisations and businesses. The critical need to embrace digital transformation is


Are Shadow Cloud Services Undermining Your Security Efforts?

The Great Cloud Migration continues around the world, forging new pathways to digital transformation by way of data analytics, on-demand computing power, and agile scalability. If you’ve undertaken this journey,


Moving from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud-based security

In this Help Net Security podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2019, Gary Marsden, Senior Director, Data Protection Services at Gemalto, talks about the feedback they’re getting from the market and how Gemalto


A serious shortage of cybersecurity experts could cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars

Attempted cyberattacks are no longer an “if,” but a “when.” And, for many companies, hackers will win. In the first half of 2018 alone, more than four billion records were compromised


Government data security is a no-brainer with the cloud

Already in 2019 there have been several large data breaches, each resulting in the exposure of significant volumes of sensitive information and identities. After review of the root causes, it’s


Cloud business initiatives accelerating faster than security teams’ ability to secure them

The speed of cloud business initiatives is hampering organizations’ ability to secure and manage hybrid environments, with security personnel often not included. The 2019 State of Hybrid Cloud Security survey


How are businesses facing the cybersecurity challenges of increasing cloud adoption?

Cloud services serve core functions essential to all aspects of business operations, but getting cloud security right is still a challenge for many organizations, the 2019 Cloud Threat Report by


Building security into cloud native apps with NGINX

Companies like Airbnb, Uber and DoorDash, which have a cloud-based software infrastructure as one of their main enablers, are disrupting the hospitality, transportation and food delivery sector. Why do all

Vendor News

Royal Air Force Selects SecureCloud+ For Team Tempest Network Collaboration Services.

Reading & Farnborough 4 February 2019. SecureCloud+, a trusted provider of next-generation secure information systems to government and defence, has been contracted by the Royal Air Force to deliver network


Infosec pros believe data isn’t secure in the cloud, despite desire for mass adoption

65 percent of infosecurity professionals would like to store object data in the cloud, but 47 percent either don’t believe or are not sure if data in the cloud is