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The ultimate guide to DevOps: everything an enterprise needs to know

This month, Information Age has been exploring DevOps: the practice that combines software development and IT operations to speed up the delivery lifecycle, while improving quality. Here, we provide the


What does runtime container security really mean?

End-to-end protection for containers in production is required to avoid the steep operational and reputational costs of data breaches. As news of container attacks and fresh vulnerabilities continues to prove, short cuts

Industry Insights

Getting Ready for Digital Transformation: The Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges

Digital transformation (DX) is becoming the largest driver of new technology investments and projects among businesses and IDC forecasts that global spending on DX will reach $1.18 trillion in 2019. Click here

Network Security

DevOps and SecOps: how to close the gap between them?

The International Organisation for Standardisation has published an Open Systems Interconnection reference model for the most basic elements of computer networking which is also known as the ‘7-layer’ model that


Security: a Missing Ingredient in Many DevOps Implementations

The expanded, technology-driven opportunities in today’s digital economy comes with unprecedented competitive pressures to innovate swiftly and with precise execution – pressures that figure to intensify as continuous iterating in


DevSecOps process — why security needs to be at the heart of DevOps

Why stop at combining development and operations? Rusty Carter, VP product management at Arxan, believes organisations must add security to the equation to form DevSecOps. DevOps should become DevSecOps. While


Reduce Security Complexity for Cloud Architectures

As businesses build increasingly complex IT infrastructures consisting of public, private, and hybrid cloud instances, securing these frameworks has become the cornerstone of IT strategy. Many security fundamentals remain unchanged,


DevSecOps: Fast development without sacrificing safety

DevOps has been a boon to companies looking to shorten the systems development cycle, pushing software developers and IT operations to work together and help their enterprises fulfil their business


To DevSecOps or not to DevSecOps?

Would your organization benefit from introducing DevSecOps? Dan Cornell, CTO of application security company Denim Group, believes that most organizations would. With one caveat, though: they must realize that the transition


Bridging The Gap Between Speed And Security In DevOps

Remember the famous engineering project triangle? It calls on organizations to forgo one of the following traits in exchange for a product development cycle to have the other two attributes: