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Why You Need a Cyber Hygiene Program: Q&A with Alert Logic’s Jack Danahy

In the aftermath of a data breach, organizations must answer many questions. But what often isn’t asked is how effective or efficient its cyber hygiene program is, and what role


Security holding back employers from meeting employees’ remote working expectations

Less than a third (32%) of UK workers are allowed to work remotely whenever they want, according to research from Capita which uncovers employee attitudes to remote/flexible working and the


The Top 9 Cyber Security Threats That Will Ruin Your Day

2019’s biggest cyber security threats are and what you can do to avoid them Like a sniper, the most dangerous cyber security threats are the ones you never see coming.

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5 Ways How Big Data Helps to Fight Cybersecurity Threat

By Christopher Roberts – Business Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced, In the online world where information has become a currency, modern businesses and organizations are required to go through

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Work from home jobs could pose cyber security threat to businesses, insurer says

The majority of small business owners said they let their employees work remotely when it’s needed, but many haven’t trained those employees on cybersecurity. It’s a gap that could leave businesses open to


Stay Protected: 5 of the Most Important Cybersecurity Training Tips For Your Employees

We highlight the most critical cybersecurity training tips for employees because every business, whether big or small, experiences cyber threats. It is believed that the most sophisticated cyber attacks are the biggest

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10 Things I Know About … Cyber security awareness

To err is human. Ponemon claims 34% of data breaches involving employees cost an average of $9 million – more than twice the global average of all breaches. Click here


Weak employee training leaves entire industries vulnerable to phishing

The Education and Transport industries are at the highest risk of cyber attacks due to phishing, because of weak employee training. Employee training needs to be improved when it comes


Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols

As many as 87% of 280 decision makers have predicted email threats to increase in the coming year, according to a survey by Barracuda Networks.  According to its blog post, many

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How to make cybersecurity resonate with employees

Organisations are facing increased threats from cyber attacks, and employees are often the weakest link in their defence posture. As much as you might hope that common sense would prevail,