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Vulnerabilities in smart IP cameras expose users to privacy, security risks

Bitdefender has found new vulnerabilities in IoT cameras that are meant to be protecting people’s homes. The global smart camera market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8


Regulating the IoT: Impact and new considerations for cybersecurity and new government regulations

In 2019 we have reached a new turning point in the adoption of IoT – more markets and industries are migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, and as the IoT continues to gain


4 ways to minimize IoT cybersecurity risk

Few technology trends are growing as quickly as the internet of things. According to Bain & Company, the markets for IoT hardware, software, systems integration, data and telecom services will grow


7 Malware Families Ready to Ruin Your IoT’s Day

This latest list of Internet of Things miscreants doesn’t limit itself to botnets, like Mirai. Don’t you hate it when one loud co-worker at the office takes all the credit


The 7 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats In An IoT World

Everything’s bigger in the Internet of Things. Well, not the devices themselves — those are commonly small enough to hold just a couple of chips and are frequently hidden out

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Achieving A Security Edge with SD-WAN

By Brett Lambing, Vice President of Global Sales Engineering at Cybera, Historically, enterprises have relied upon virtual private networks (VPNs) to control costs while connecting remote locations and/or for deploying


What is Wrong with IoT Security Today?

The list of Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly, and so are the security concerns. As more devices get connected to the internet, the network expands and volumes of


New IoT Security Bill: Third Time’s the Charm?

The latest bill to set security standards for connected devices sold to the US government has fewer requirements, instead leaving recommendations to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For


Super Systemic IoT Issues

Security issues are notoriously systemic in the Internet of Things. What do I mean by this? That a security flaw in one product will affect every device within that product


IoT Cybersecurity Goes To College And It Does Not End Well

When I think of Internet of Things (IoT) security, it’s like sending a kid off to college. You send them off with the best intentions, hoping they will make the