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The trouble with enterprise IoT and its identity management problem

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a growing number of connected devices ranging from security cameras to smart thermostats. Many businesses use enterprise-level IoT devices to help workers get things


40% of households across the globe now contain at least one IoT device, says research

The paper further explored the distribution of global IoT vendors. While there is a very long tail of over 14,000 global IoT vendors, market dominance is limited to a select

Network Security

How 5G Introduces New Security Vulnerabilities

The migration to 5G is underway with more hype than any IT innovation in history (at least it feels that way). Predictions about 5G’s potential have reached fever pitch, according


How IoT – and IoMT – is changing the face of medicine and healthcare today

The IoT — and IoMT — will ensure significant streamlining in healthcare, meaning the best possible results for everyone.IoT devices promise improved early diagnostics and treatments tailored to the individual’s


Why a Flash-To-Cloud Approach Will Be the Last Protection Standing in the IoT

In 2019 we have reached a new turning point in the adoption of IoT – more markets and industries are migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, comprised of billions of connected


Enterprises: Analyze your IoT footprint to address security, privacy concerns

The Zscaler ThreatLabZ research team analyzed 56 million IoT device transactions to understand the types of devices in use, the protocols used, the locations of the servers with which they


The IoT threat landscape is expanding rapidly, yet few companies are addressing third party risk factors

There is a dramatic increase in IoT-related data breaches specifically due to an unsecured IoT device or application since 2017 – from 15 percent to 26 percent – and the

Hardware/Network Mobile

Mobile carriers believe security and reliability concerns will increase with 5G

Mobile service providers anticipate significant new revenue opportunities from the coming deployment of high-speed 5G networks and a host of new IoT-driven use cases, but they also believe much-improved security will be


Flaws in the design of IoT devices prevent them from notifying homeowners about problems

Design flaws in smart home Internet of Things (IoT) devices that allow third parties to prevent devices from sharing information have been identified by researchers at North Carolina State University. The flaws


Third Party Ecosystems Make Industrial IoT the Perfect Storm of Risk and Reward

The risk created by the proliferation of industrial IoT (IIoT) is rising, thanks to the continued mismanagement of third-party involvement in sensitive industrial environments. New third-party smart sensors and devices,