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IoT Security: It’s Time Enterprises Take Responsibility

As IoT security threats increase, enterprises need to stop blaming the device maker and better secure their networks. Companies across industries are quick to say security is their top priority.

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Organizations are employing cyber-resilient strategies in new ways

Wipro released its 2019 State of Cybersecurity Report, which highlights the rising importance of cybersecurity defense to global leaders, the emergence of the CISO as a C-Suite role, and an

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Keeper Security claims SMBs ignoring cyber security. Shocked? No!

The latest Keeper Security research, conducted with YouGov, reinforces what most in the cyber security industry already know, SMBs are the weakest link in the cyber security defence chain. This research,


True passwordless authentication is still quite a while away

The password has been one of the great inventions in the history of computing: a solution that allowed simple and effective identity and access management when the need arose for it. Unfortunately,


How businesses can become more nimble and secure by moving to the cloud

Today’s business landscape is more dynamic than ever before. Organizations are being inundated with data, generated by an ever-increasing number of connected devices and systems. According to IDC, volume of

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Three Cybersecurity Essentials Your Board of Directors Wants to Know

Every executive team cares about business risk. Leaders actively trying to manage risk have realized that cyber-threats now represent the lion’s share of potential harm, and they want timely KPI

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What Should Enterprises Focus On When It Comes To Cybersecurity?

Addressing the issue of enterprise security in 2019 has become a top concern for many businesses that still seem to flounder when attempting to apply a solution to this vexing


3 Reasons Why B2C Enterprises Should Use Single Sign-on Authentication

Single sign-on authentication, or SSO, is becoming more commonplace as the digital revolution continues to evolve. With numerous benefits for customers and companies alike, SSO helps streamline user experience, aid movement between

IT Compliance

Cybersecurity, Data Privacy Top Concerns for Enterprises

Cybersecurity and data privacy captured the two top spots in respondents’ list of E&C concerns, according to the 2019 Definitive Corporate Compliance Benchmark Report. Data security and privacy breaches have become

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Security and risk management leaders ‘must’ leverage automation — Gartner

Automation is needed by security and risk management leaders. Leveraging the ‘automation continuum’ is becoming a necessity for security and risk management leaders looking to create and preserve value at