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Enterprises: Analyze your IoT footprint to address security, privacy concerns

The Zscaler ThreatLabZ research team analyzed 56 million IoT device transactions to understand the types of devices in use, the protocols used, the locations of the servers with which they


How mainstream media coverage affects vulnerability management

For better or for worse, mainstream media is increasingly covering particularly dangerous, widespread or otherwise notable security vulnerabilities. The growing coverage has made more people aware of the risks and


How to Secure Mobile Devices in a Zero Trust World

86% of enterprises are seeing mobile threats growing the fastest this year, outpacing other threat types. 48% say they’ve sacrificed security to “get the job done” up from 32% last


Cloud security: What every tech leader needs to know

Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost savings and easy integration. Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost

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Cybersecurity skills shortage still the root cause of rising security incidents

The cybersecurity skills shortage is worsening for the third year in a row and has impacted nearly three quarters (74 percent) of organizations, as revealed in the third annual global study of


Failure to Prioritize Cybersecurity Hampering the Digital Transformation Journey of Organization: Report

Existing cybersecurity measures are not proving enough for organizations to protect against cyber incidents and 35% of APAC firms suffered at least one cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months.


Making the most of threat intelligence with threat intelligence gateways

Even though many security professionals are still dissatisfied with threat intelligence accuracy and quality, its use as a resource for network defense is growing. According to the 2019 SANS Cyber Threat


Ransomware, Emotet and Trojan attacks against businesses on the rise — Malwarebytes cybercrime report

In Q1, Malwarebytes’ cybercrime report suggests that Emotet, ransomware and Trojan attacks are on the rise against the enterprise.Cyber attacks against businesses — the consumer data collectors — are on


You can’t fix what you can’t see: A new way of looking at network performance

Network performance, or the service quality of a business’ network, is critical to running a successful enterprise. Imagine the cost to an organization when the corporate network or the e-commerce

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Learn to curb cyber security threats

RECENTLY, there have been many cyber security concerns involving scams and data breaches. It has become extremely vital to know how to protect your information more securely. This has prompted