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6.8% of the top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure SSL versions

Mac-based malware has appeared on the list of the top ten most common types of malware for the first time in WatchGuard’s quarterly Internet security report. The Mac scareware appeared in


Overcoming Common SD-WAN Security Mistakes

Digital transformation is about much more than moving workflows to the cloud and adopting IoT. It is about retooling the entire network to make it faster, more efficient, much more


Phishing websites look more legit with SSL certs from major companies

The Web is full of deception, and it’s sometimes still hard for people to figure out if the website they’re viewing really is what it says it is. This type


Can we really trust the browser padlock? Fake sites given TLS certs | Naked Security

Nothing like the padlock icon showing in your browser window to put your mind at ease, eh? After all, that lock signifies that the site has a Transport Layer Security

BYOD/Big Data

SSL Encryption for Big Data Security in Cloud Computing

Big Data collection and usage are increasing day by day, which has caused security issues regarding its storage. To get rid of this hurdle cloud infrastructure can be a good


SSL security for dummies

Combatting advanced cyberthreats grows more challenging every day. With up to a third of enterprise Internet traffic now being encrypted, cybercriminals are cloaking their attacks within Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)


Porn Sites Under Attack By Advert Malware Says Malwarebytes

Security firm Malwarebytes has revealed that porn sites are being attacked by malware which makes its way through adverts. Malwarebytes’ Jerome Segura divulged via a blog post that the security