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How To Close Security Gaps With A Threat Intelligence Library

Companies have invested in protection technologies for decades – firewalls, web and email security gateways and endpoint protection. Over time, these technologies have increasingly relied upon threat intelligence to create


How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries

Finding a needle in a haystack is hard, but it’s nothing compared to finding a single piece of hay in the haystack that was put there with malicious intentions.As Verisign


The Many Faces of Necurs: How the Botnet Spewed Millions of Spam Emails for Cyber Extortion

The Necurs botnet, a large and well-known spam originator, has become synonymous with cybercrime. Its spam-sending capabilities, through a botnet of a few million infected devices, are frequently dedicated to

Industry Insights

8 Ways To Empower Your Security Operations Center

When it comes to building a security operations center (SOC), it can be hard to know where to start. Even if you’re making sure the security operations team you already


Organisations are beginning to find cyber threats more effectively

On the final day of Information Age’s Cyber Security Month, it has emerged that organisation’s are beginning to find threats more effectively. Some good news! ‘One of the most notable


SIEM Guide: A Comprehensive View of Security Information and Event Management Tools

A security information and event management system, or SIEM (pronounced “SIM”), is a security system that ingests event data from a wide variety of sources such as security software and


What Your Organization Needs To Know To Undergo A Secure Digital Transformation

Just about every company today is going through some type of digital transformation, whether migrating entire departments and data centers to the cloud, opting for cloud-based SaaS solutions over legacy, on-prem software,


8 Ways Security Automation and Orchestration Is Transforming Security Operations

In the never-ending quest to stay ahead of cyberattackers, a growing number of enterprises are turning to a relatively new category of security tools: security automation and orchestration solutions.  Gartner,

Identity Theft

Machine Identity Failings Expose Firms

Nearly all IT decision makers believe that protecting machine identities is as important or more important that human identity management, but most struggle to deliver that protection, according to a


How Threat Intelligence Help Small Businesses Deal With Cybercrime

Some of us find it hard to accept how small companies are usually the most vulnerable to cybercrime. For one thing, startups and mom-and-pop businesses often lack the expertise and budget that