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Supply chain attacks: Mitigation and protection

In software development, a supply chain attack is typically performed by inserting malicious code into a code dependency or third-party service integration. Unlike typical cyber attacks, supply chain attacks provide two major


Winter Is Coming: IoT Done Wrong

For fans of Game of Thrones (GOT), Sunday was a big night with a massive battle against hordes of undead. There’s a harsh critique of the battle on Wired with spoilers by “Angry Staff


Supply Chain Attacks: When Things Go Wrong

Ongoing digital transformation is pushing business of all sectors to bring to market highly innovative digital products. As development teams are pushed to develop advanced applications in record time, using


Framing supply chain attacks

The increase in the demand for innovative software has effectively reshaped the software development industry itself. Today, speed and agility are paramount and development teams are pushed to deliver highly

Identity Theft

SMBs could be the key to cracking data breaches

With SMBs making up almost all private businesses in the country, it is essential they step up their security game. If we want to reduce the number of successful cyberattacks that target

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The 3 Biggest Threats Healthcare Data Security is Facing Right Now

The year 2017 suffered the greatest ransomware attack in the history of the internet. The WannaCry ransomware detected in hospitals of the UK. It then exploded across the globe and affected


Mind the ‘Cyber Risk’ Gap

By Tom Turner – CEO at BitSight, As the number of digital transactions dramatically increases, so does the risk and likelihood of cyber-attack.  This means that organisations handling large amounts

Industry Insights

Island Hopping: Growing Threats to the Aviation & Logistics Industry

By Jason Madey, Security Strategist at  Carbon Black When we think about the industries that have the most to lose from a serious cyber attack, our minds probably immediately go


US Warns of Supply Chain Attacks

The US government has repeated warnings of state-sponsored cyber-attacks made possible by infiltrating the software supply chain. The report from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) reveals insight into foreign economic