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SyncCrypt ransomware able to sneak past most antivirus defenses

A new ransomware called SyncCrypt is using a unique method of downloading the malicious files that makes it very hard for an antivirus program to detect. SyncCrypt was detected by


What is malware? – IT PRO

Viruses, Trojans, and ransomware are all malware, but what does the term mean? Malware, or ‘malicious software’, is a term first coined in 1990 by security researcher Yisrael Radai, however


Machine learning models exploited to create malware – ITProPortal

Some of the most notable machine learning tools can be hijacked in order to create super-powerful malware capable of bypassing most anti-virus systems, researchers have claimed. At the recent DEF

Vendor News

McAfee nets Nexon as partner in channel push – ARN

Nexon Asia-Pacific has become a McAfee partner in a move that goes some way to supporting the cyber security software vendor’s promise to make a bigger channel play in 2017. The


Beware of malicious fake antivirus apps for mobiles – Services – Software – Business IT

Given the amount of mobile malware doing the rounds, it seems prudent to use some kind of security software, especially on Android phones and tablets. Click here to view original

Industry Insights

​Top 5 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Hackers Away – CSO – The Resource for Data Security Executives

The internet today is not as safe as many think it is as there are cyber predators lurking around every corner. Cyber-attacks set a record in 2016, with big names


10 ways to protect your Windows computers against ransomware – TechRepublic

Malware has been around for decades now. And as our reliance on computing systems has grown, so too has malware proliferation. While antivirus applications were once the key element in


Fileless Malware Attacks Continue to Gain Steam

New research shows that attackers are increasingly beating security detection at the gateway and on the endpoint by initiating attacks that don’t drop malicious files at all, thus evading file-based

Identity Theft

5 biggest cybersecurity questions answered – Network World

Some things never change. Computer security, however, is not one of them. New threats, patches and problems emerge each and every week. Many of the key questions and knowledge gaps

Identity Theft

How to fend off cyberattacks and data breaches – CIO

According to research conducted by Symantec, the number of cyberattacks against small businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) has been steadily growing over the last six years, with hackers